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  1. Snoot now sold...many thanks. Mark
  2. For Sale Fibre optic snoot made by Ken Sullivan to fit Inon Z240 flash gun. Complete with two Pelican aiming lights. £65 plus P&P. Please mail mark_webster50@hotmail.com
  3. Hi Pete, Sorry for my late reply...been away. Yes I still have some left, just e-mail me if you are interested - markwebster@photec.co.uk . Cheers, Mark
  4. Hi Elmer, Yes you will definitely need some buoyancy, how much will depend on the combined elements of your rig and how close to neutral you want the system in water. It is always interesting to see other photographers solutions. I use home made cork collars around the port and a couple of fishing net floats at the back of the housing over the viewfinder. Whether you home engineer a solution or use commercially available floats/arms you will need to experiment with quantity to find the best lift combination for your needs. Mark
  5. I still have a few packs of these O rings left for sale if you need them! Mark
  6. Still a few packs of O rings left for sale! Mark
  7. I still have some of these O rings available. Here are a couple of images with the O rings installed. Mark
  8. I have packs of 4 back up O rings for sale in the classified forum if anyone is interested. Mark
  9. For Sale Secondary or back up O ring for Inon flash battery cap. This O ring is placed in the base of the battery cap and provides a second seal when the cap is installed. A pack of 4 red silicone O rings (use same grease as the original Inon O ring) for £4 posted in the UK. Payment by PayPal as a gift (i.e. no fees to me). Please mail me at : markwebster@photec.co.uk if interested. Cheers, Mark
  10. Hi Alex, Did this lens come from a movie camera housing or a stills camera and which housing was it designed for?.....if stills what film format? I am just fascinated to know where the adaptor originated from and how old it might be? If the design truly can be used with any lens (excluding fish eye) then it is a very interesting trial indeed! Mark
  11. The upgrade to LR5 was for the D7100, but I had been using LR4 in 64 bit mode. However the problem did not appear until I upgraded to 5.5 in the summer, so perhaps that version needs more RAM? Anyway, I am please to say that it has gone for now! Mark
  12. OK...so I have set up the new laptop which has 12gb of RAM as opposed to 8 on the old one.....imported 800+ images from a card (shot on D7100) and there seems to be no corruption on any of them. These are the same images and the same card that previously produced the corrupt images above, so perhaps it has been a hardware or memory problem all along? However, this still does not explain why I had no problem prior to upgrading to LR5? Mark
  13. Hi Adam, D7100 and I had no problems until I upgraded to LR 5.5 or 5.6....with quite a number of other similar issues for others emerging it seems that LR may be the source of the problem after all.I have just bought another PC (in the Xmas sales!) so will upload softeware including LR 5.7 and see if the problem persists. Mark
  14. Hi Tom, Many thanks for your detailed reply. I had looked on the Adobe fourums and there are others with this issue, but of course as you say the Lightroom gurus claim it is impossible and must be a hardware isssue. I have a friend who uses Mac and he also has this issue occasionally since upgrading to LR 5.6. However, I won't be signing up to the cloud to resolve the issue, Adobe have had too much of my money already!! Mark
  15. Hi Coinee, My IT knowledge is very basic to say the least, although I am beginning to wonder if it may be my PC. I have tried importing from the cards and from various external drives in different sized batches. Sometimes in a batch of say a dozen only one or perhaps no images are affected. It is not always the same image so perhaps it is a memory problem. I upgraded to a D7100 late last year and had no problems until I upgraded to Lightroom 5.5 in the summer this year so perhaps there are changes in the software that require more memory or graphics requirements. I am in the process of looking for a new laptop so hopefully that will help. I have managed to work around the processing of the current images from my last trip by importing in small batches and eventually getting the images I want without the corruption! Too much like hard work though! Mark
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