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  1. Hi experts, i need help on one of my first u/w shots. I just came back from the red sea and saw my first manta at Elphonstone Reef. I know that the shot would have been better if i had come closer, but he was just to deep below me, so what can i do in post-processing in PS to optimize this picture? Taken with D100 in Sealux housing, Sigma 18-35mm @ 35mm and without Flash. Raw file converted in PS to jpg, 10% crop, no further manipulation. I tried to play around with levels and curves but i'm not satisfied about the bad contrast. What dou you suggest?
  2. Hey whitey, second one on plant earth, I was also stupid enough to dive with their DSLR in a plastic bag :shock: . And it worked. But it was no fun. I used a Ewa-Marine U-AX with my D100, 24-85 and SB26 flash. I went down to 12m/40ft. The handling is very uncomfortable, the only buttons working are shutter release and the ones at the back. Even the zoomring was very hard to turn. The bag is compressed in the depth so you need to blow air inside before drowning to be able to use it lower the 3m. And that needs approx. 2-3kg more weights. At the surface the rig has much buoyancy, in the depth it drowns. I'm glad to show my D100 the red sea in a real housing in May . Daniel
  3. That remembers me when I was diving Dos Ojos in June last year (without camera)! I like your picture very much. The sun breaking through looks great. Maybe the foreground (diver) could be a bit lighter. Regards, Daniel
  4. That depends not on the lens, but on the port you use. Using a domeport you will need a +diopter because the dome is working like a negative diopter lens under water. And without you will not be able to focus sufficiently close. If you use a macro port no diopter will be needed. Daniel
  5. And depending on the domeport maybe you need an additional close-up lens to be mounted to your macro. Otherwise it can be that you cannot focus close enough. Daniel
  6. Hi mexwell, yes, we should. Do you also dive in the cold german lakes? I frequently dive in the Elbsee, which should be just around the corner from Hilden. I'm expecting my new housing for the weekend and want to test it as soon as possible. And, of course, I saw posts of Simon and Andi Daniel
  7. Hi mexwell, nice to see another german here in wp. Seems to be quite good for having a few shots in Mallorca. I love the pictures! Daniel
  8. Hey, great pic, i love it. It's so very different from most u/w pictures you usually see! /Daniel
  9. Similar question from a beginner: Do you fix your camera/housing somehow to your gear underwater or do you just keep it in your hands? If yes, how do you fix it? Daniel
  10. Hi Simon, I just updated my profile, so you can see I'm from Krefeld at the nice lower Rhine area, but far too far away from the beautiful and warm diving spots. So I have to test my new housing in the cold and muddy german lakes, when it is delivered. Gruss, Daniel
  11. Hi everybody, my name is Daniel, I'm from Germany and I'm glad that I found this very useful site. I'm quite new in u/w photography, started one year ago with my Nikon D100 in an Ewa-Marine case, and just ordered a 'real' housing, which will be delivered soon. I'm here to learn a lot and to get hints to improve. Topside I use lenses up to 400mm, u/w it will be the Nikkor AF-S 24-85mm and a Sigma 50mm MACRO for the beginning. The housing for the D100 and the SB-80DX will be the Sealux CD100-GD. Regards, Daniel
  12. The last email I sent on december 17th to info@jonah-europe.com and korean@postech.edu as is given on the korean internet page.
  13. Hi all! I also own a D100 and was interested in the Johna housing. So I wrote several mails to the korean and the european (info@jonah-europe.com) address. From Jonah Europe I got a reply which said, Jonah Europe is closing down end of 2003 due to quality and delivery problems. I got no reply from Korea. That all doesn't encourage me to buy anything. Regards from Germany Daniel
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