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  1. Hi Jon and Drew, It was Pro Res 422, 1920 x 1080 interlaced. I deinterlaced it in Compressor which helped and ended up using the 1080p option in Compressor and it brought it down to under 500mb. Thanks for the tips re handbrake, Apple TV and checking out the Vimeo Compressor rates, I'll take a look and have a play around to see what works best. Thanks so much for your help. :-) Jo
  2. Hi Wetpixellers, I've created a 3 minute film to enter in the Sea 2013 competition, trouble is it's 2.5GB and the upload has failed.....no surprise there because of the size!! I've bought Compressor but have never used it before and don't have clue what I need to compress it to, to keep a decent quality for the competition. Can anyone please advise which option I need to choose. Many thanks for your help, Jo
  3. Thanks Simon and Nick. Yeah, the morays can be real characters!!
  4. Thanks Peter. :0) I was using the inon 165 and 330 wet lenses, sometimes stacked. I'm really enjoying shooting macro subjects when I can.....the eyes ain't what they used to be, so it's great to see all the details when I get back and upload it to a big screen. Jo
  5. Hi Wetpixellers, Have at last finished my shortish video from our recent trip to Ambon, in Indonesia. I thought some of you might like a look and to dream of warm waters!! Have a great Christmas one and all, Jo. x Taken with a Sony XR520 in an Aditech, Mangrove housing with 2 x Fix LED 100DX and Inon 165 and 330 wet macro lenses. [youtubehd]vmniavGK7G8[/youtubehd]
  6. Brilliant, thought provoking film Simon. Just need to get this message out to the un-educated amongst us, to make them stop and think!!!
  7. Morning Simon, Tends to be a bit last minute as we have to check the weather, but will let you know. Hmmm.....now I definitely don't feel sorry for you at all!!! Have a brilliant time in Cocos. Jo
  8. Thanks Peter and Steve, for a 1st time at this style I'm very please with how it turned out and learnt a lot from the process....will need to do some more experimenting with this style when I have a bit more time and improve the timing problem so that it's not too frantic. Am enjoying learning FCPX, it's similar enough to be familiar to FCE, but just need to get used to where everything is and the extras that I've not had before. Thanks again both. Jo PS. Nice video Steve
  9. Thanks Simon, always learning, which is good. Seems to be a general consensus that it was a little too fast....next time it will be better!!! Really enjoy mixing up the styles, I have some seal footage that is crying out for a funny script....just need to get my thinking cap on. That's a real bummer that you've not managed to get in the water this year.....but I guess family has been a priority this year...bet it's worth it though!! Was down at Selsey this afternoon under the lifeboat pier and was lucky to find a pair of Tompots having quite a spat, they totally ignored me and were having a real go at each other....reminded me a bit of the fight scene from Bridget Jones, very funny!! Selsey's an hour from us so we've been there quite a bit this year, if you ever fancy joining us, let me know. See ya, Jo
  10. Hi Nick and Chris, Great feedback, thanks. Yes, I like the pace of it, but as you say varying the pace in places would help to make it less hectic. I've just moved to Final Cut Pro X, so if I'd edited this piece in there instead of Final Cut Express I think it would have been a lot easier to move things around so that the crescendos emphasised the action better.........I like the style though, so if I do another one I'll try some of your suggestions. Many thanks, Jo
  11. Hi Wetpixellers, I pulled this together for a competition that needed a 90 seconds or less video of UK Wildlife, but didn't get through. I'm interested to see what people think of it, is it just too darned quick to be effective? I was trying to inject some energy in to it by using fast cuts to a fast paced music track. Please let me know what you think. Many thanks, Jo [youtubehd]J9bvCRrRQB4[/youtubehd]
  12. Thanks Peter. I'll take a look at that as well and see which works out better.......a day or two....blimey!!! I have a project that's just over a minute long, think I'll try it out with that 1st. Thanks again for your help, Jo
  13. Thanks Simon, yeah it looks pretty awful on the title screen, but not as bad when you play it. Will experiment with deinterlacing and hopefully get things fixed. Thanks for your help. Jo
  14. Lovely footage EJ. Love your macro stuff, those Subsee lenses certainly seem to do a great job!! Keep it up, Jo
  15. Hi Wetpixelers, I've finally got round to finishing a shortish video from last October's trip to Bali. We stayed at Scuba Seraya in Tulamben, a resort that I'd thoroughly recommend and dived the Liberty wreck and the local dive sites in the area. I use a Sony XR520 in an Aditech Mangrove housing, with INON wet macro lenses and 2 x Fix LED 1000DX lights. Please let me know what you think and any suggestions that you have. If any of you see the horizontal lines when the subject moves quickly and knows what I'm doing to make this happen, please let me know. I'm guessing it's something to do with the rendering settings I'm using in Final Cut Express and would love to know what I need to do to fix it, as it annoys the cr*p out of me!! ;o) Hope you enjoy it, Jo [youtubehd]lfbuGzN38z4[/youtubehd]
  16. Excellent shots Alex. Looks like you've been getting way too much practice!!
  17. Really nice footage Kelly. Thanks for sharing. Jo
  18. Hi Steve, You'll need to get yourself over here and try it for yourself!! There's always that nagging doubt in the back of your mind, you line yourself up with a fin above the waves, then hope that the right type of shark appears out of the gloom!!! Jo
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