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  1. A very nice pair of the original Retra Flash (2017), in excellent condition; low use, always with neoprene covers. Lots of resources/reviews on these here on Wetpixel and elsewhere online. Heads only. Message for more photos if interested. €1100 plus shipping o.n.o.
  2. For sale, used Inon LF-800N 5 degree spotlight. Used, in excellent condition. Full specs here: http://www.inon.jp/products/le_light/lf800n.html Also includes the Condenser lens and colour filter set. €190 + shipping.
  3. Complete outfit for sale: Canon S110 camera, 2 batts. Canon WP DC-47 housing, spare O-Ring Inon mount base, D4 grip, mount ball and lens holder tray/grip and generic Fibre-optic cable for Inon flash. Inon UWL H-100 LD wide angle lens, Dome Unit II, Neoprene cover Inon Micro-Fisheye UFL-M150 (aka 'Bug-eye') lens/LD mount Two Inon close-up diopter lenses (+6 and +10): Inon UCL-165 Inon UCL-100 Full set of Photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/p6hk1w63wwcdrm0/AAAaX4N50h4lxF-wUPjPcDOma?dl=0 €1250 for the lot
  4. For sale: very nice Nauticam housing for Olympus OMD E-M1 camera; complete with M14 Vacuum valve system and upgraded rear LCD window to take Nauticam enhanced viewfinders (45 or 180 degree). €1250 + shipping. More pics here
  5. I've just received this lens and run a few initial tests: it fits fine, just needs to be mounted from the front just like the Olympus 12-40mmF2.8Pro: Here is a blog post with video So, I am happy to report that it does fit – and while Nauticam have yet to confirm optimum port options, I reckon the 180mm dome with the correct adapter/spacer will work, just as it does for the Panasonic 7-14mm. Looking forward to testing this underwater...
  6. Nikon APS-C/DX equipment and underwater housing for sale: Nikon D2Xs camera body. €490 Subal ND2 housing, type 3 bayonet. Complete with handles, strobe and focus-light mount balls, twin flash sockets, standard viewfinder. €950 Subal ports, all type 3: Subal DP-FE2 180mm/7" large glass dome port with hood and neoprene cover. €500 Subal DP-54B 100mm/4" small glass dome port with hood and cover. €200 Subal Flat Focus port for Nikon 105mmVR macro lens. €400 Subal Flat macro port €150 Subal port extenders, EXR 50/3 (incl zoom gear Nikon 12-24mm), EXR 33/3 and EXR 15/3 (incl zoom gear Tokina 10-17mm) €200 Fisheye Fix HG20DX focus light with two batteries @ charger €100 Total €2990, €2700 for the complete outfit, including some Inon/ULCS buoyancy arms and clamps. Also, Two x Inon Z220 underwater strobe/flash guns, with ball mounts, diffusers and sync cables: €500 for the pair.
  7. For Sale: 105mm macro port for Subal type 3 housings. Subal FP-FC-105VR Focus Port Clean, no dings, signs of normal use but in great shape. Xit404 manual focus knob. €290 plus shipping.
  8. I would agree with the 60mm AFS, it gives better working distance on DX and is more versatile than either of the DX-only macros.
  9. Hi Folks, I have just returned from my first laptop-free trip (looking for feeding whalesharks off Djibouti), using the Epson P-5000 as primary storage device. I found it reliable and both simple and fast to use. I backed it up to an 80 Gb Freecom pocketdrive so that I would have two copies of everything. This routine works well, though you will need an a/c adapter for a bus-powered pocketdrive. You are tied to its OS and slightly quirky sync software, but it works fine – just a bit of batch renaming and shuffling around of folders when you get back to base. Given the sheer hassle of travelling as an underwater photographer nowadays, leaving out the powerbook was great. John Collins, Kinsale, Ireland. www.JohnCollinsKinsale.com
  10. Anyone have experience of using a wide converter lens behind a flat port: I am using a Canon XM2 (GL2) in ISD housing (flat port only option) with Canon 0.7x without problems. I would like to try a wider lens, maybe a century optics 0.5x or even 0.3x ?
  11. Here's an interesting, if alarming, dive centre policy I have just encountered in the Red Sea: Subex dive centre, El Quseir at the Movenpick resort (very nice) have just initiated a policy whereby Photographers without their own buddy MUST take a private 'photo' dive guide at a cost of 40 euro per dive (on top of diving costs). Their reason for this is that they will not buddy you with another hotel guest because you are a photographer. Apparently, they have had complaints from guests who were buddied with photographers... This was put to me as being a great service, where you would have a private guide who would work with you in making your photographs. So, I tried it and it was a joke. My guide, whom I was told 'will be experienced in what photographers need' did not participate in the dive in any way. Personally, I was agast at such a discriminatory and segregationist policy, whereby you may not even befriend new divers and buddy up with them. Fortunately, I did have a couple of buddies to call on, but ended my diving early with such an unfriendly attitude. I am very interested to know how other members would view this...
  12. I have just installed and am getting familiar with Aperture. My initial observations: - it needs a lot of muscle. Runs slowly on G4 1.5Ghz/1GbRam. Fine on G5 DP/2Gb. - RAW conversions are better than I expected having read the ArsTechnica review. On a quick comparison of a couple of random images, I would rate the conversions: 1. Nikon Capture are still the best, God help us. This main reason I was drawn to Aperture was to find a converter than runs decently on a Mac. NC is awful but the quality of the conversions is excellent in my experience. 2. Aperture: the speed and ease of use make it a pleasure to use, Mac users would have assumed this. BUT, the bottom line is the quality of the converted RAW files. They are decent, not perfect. Like many users, I am hoping these will improve with future versions. They will have to, or Aperture is dead already. 3. ACR. I would say these conversions are my least preferred of the three. Need time in PSCS2 to get them decent. My €'s worth....
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