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  1. @Joan B Thank you for smooth transaction on Wetpixel.
  2. @Eransalah Thanks for smooth transaction, good communication
  3. @IchthyoPhoto Thanks also for smooth transaction
  4. @sinetwo Thanks for a smooth transaction; good communication and prompt payment.
  5. For Sale: Nauticam O1240-Z Zoom Gear (36045) for Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 12-40mm F/2.8 Pro lens in excellent condition, with OEM box and instructions. €150 o.n.o. plus shipping Other Nauticam items for sale also, including dome port and extender/adapter for this lens, see classified listings here on Wetpixel.
  6. For Sale: Nauticam Zoom Gear FOR OLYMPUS 7-14MM F/2.8 PRO (36054), in excellent condition. €150 o.n.o. + shipping. Photos plus other Nauticam items for sale here.
  7. For Sale: Nauticam N85 to N120 47mm port adapter with lens control knob for M4/3 system (36052) in excellent condition. €395 o.n.o. + shipping. See Nauticam Port Chart to check if suitable for your system. Photos and other items for sale here.
  8. For Sale: Nauticam N85 to N120 55mm port adapter with lens control knob (36401) in excellent condition. See Nauticam Port Charts to see if suitable for your system. €395 o.n.o + shipping Photos and other items for sale here.
  9. For sale: Nauticam N120 Extension Ring 20 with lock (21120) in excellent condition. €200 o.n.o. + shipping Photos + other items for sale here.
  10. For Sale: Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 14‑42mm F3.5‑5.6 EZ Pancake lens in mint condition, with Nauticam O1442EZ-Z ZOOM GEAR (36047) €350 o.n.o. + shipping for the set. Happy to split if you don't need both; lens €275; zoom gear €100 + post/shipping Other Nauticam items for sale also; see here.
  11. For sale: NAUTICAM N120 180MM OPTICAL-GLASS WIDE-ANGLE DOME PORT (18809) This is used, in overall excellent condition; scuffs to the base of the hood and a small scratch on the glass which is not visible in photos. High resolution photos here. See specifications and port charts at www.nauticam.com New cost is €1238; asking €895 o.n.o.+ shipping. I have also other Nauticam items for sale that compliment this port: N85-N120 Port Adapters; N120 Extension Ring; Zoom gears.
  12. A rare opportunity to get your hands on the amazing Nauticam WWL-1 water contact lens. This outfit comes complete with the buoyancy collar, both a neoprene cover and hard lens cap and M 67-Bayonet converter (with extender). New cost is €1400. Condition, as can be seen from photo is pristine; no marks whatever on front or rear optics. Message me for more photos. €950 o.n.o. plus shipping  “The Wet Wide Lens 1 is the highest quality wet-changeable underwater wide-angle conversion optic ever made, featuring unmatched contrast, overall sharpness, corner sharpness, and clarity. The design is truly full zoom through, allowing zoom to be used as a tool for framing, and removable in water for close-up and macro shots.” If you are a micro 4/3 shooter, I also have an Olympus 14-42mm e-zoom lens and Nauticam zoom gear available separately.
  13. For sale, a very nice pair of the original Retra Flash strobe heads, just factory serviced, so buy with confidence. Also included, wide-angle diffusers (130deg 4500k -0.6F) and neoprene protection covers. Main specs to note: powerful 100Ws output, fast recyle time (eneloop pro), 300lm pilot light. Smooth, even lighting; and of course, they match perfectly with the Retra LSD snoot. €1150 + shipping
  14. Price reduced to €950 plus shipping for the pair.
  15. A very nice pair of the original Retra Flash (2017), in excellent condition; low use, always with neoprene covers. Lots of resources/reviews on these here on Wetpixel and elsewhere online. Heads only. Message for more photos if interested. €1100 plus shipping o.n.o.
  16. For sale, used Inon LF-800N 5 degree spotlight. Used, in excellent condition. Full specs here: http://www.inon.jp/products/le_light/lf800n.html Also includes the Condenser lens and colour filter set. €190 + shipping.
  17. Complete outfit for sale: Canon S110 camera, 2 batts. Canon WP DC-47 housing, spare O-Ring Inon mount base, D4 grip, mount ball and lens holder tray/grip and generic Fibre-optic cable for Inon flash. Inon UWL H-100 LD wide angle lens, Dome Unit II, Neoprene cover Inon Micro-Fisheye UFL-M150 (aka 'Bug-eye') lens/LD mount Two Inon close-up diopter lenses (+6 and +10): Inon UCL-165 Inon UCL-100 Full set of Photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/p6hk1w63wwcdrm0/AAAaX4N50h4lxF-wUPjPcDOma?dl=0 €1250 for the lot
  18. For sale: very nice Nauticam housing for Olympus OMD E-M1 camera; complete with M14 Vacuum valve system and upgraded rear LCD window to take Nauticam enhanced viewfinders (45 or 180 degree). €1250 + shipping. More pics here
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