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  1. I've pretty much made my decision. No more PCs for me! The 512GB SSD is a bit pricey, but I can probably make do with 256GB. Thanks everyone.
  2. Thanks for the tips & ideas. I went to an Apple Store today and played with a MacBook Pro. It was nice. But I have a couple of Terabytes of photos in my archive that are in NTFS format, which Macs can't read. I'll probably buy the MacBook Pro for myself for Christmas, plus a couple of new drives for my archived work. In the meantime, I'll delete any software I'm not using to see if that will help.
  3. Hi everyone, I've been using PCs all my life, but I'm getting really tired of the bloatware on my PC that slows it down. Every time I do a Windows Update it seems to get slower with the updates installed. Besides doing underwater photography, I run a part-time photography business so I have a lot of photos to deal with and lots of retouching to do. I currently use Lightroom and CS3, and want to continue using them. My current PC has 4 GB of RAM, and it seemed fast enough when I first bought it a few years ago. But now, when I'm just doing basic editing in Lightroom, my computer slows down to a crawl and for every pen stroke I do, and I have to wait until my computer catches up to continue. CS3 runs a bit faster, but once I'm dealing with multiple layers it gets slow. My question is: if I get a Mac (specifically, a MacBook Pro with 8 GB of RAM), will it run Lightroom and CS3 faster? Or will it just be the same if I get a new PC with 8GB of RAM? And, will I have to upgrade my computer as often (currently I seem to be on a 2-3 year upgrade cycle). I know some of the benefits (no need for antivirus software), but is it really worth it switch to a Mac? Any helpful comments/tips would be appreciated.
  4. Fish and eels often hunt together, and to join in the hunt, the fish rubs itself on the snake's cheek. Maybe the hogfish wanted to join in the impending hunt? I've seen daily nuclear hunting groups in Bonaire, usually in late afternoon between 4 and 5 pm. Before I found out what this was called (from reading the fish behaviour book by Humann, et al) I just called it a 'gang of fish' due to the large groups of different fish moving from place to place with an eel. It's possible that this is what you were observing.
  5. Hi Dan, I have this light and use it all the time. It's reliable and rechargeable batteries last a long time in it. Yes, it is big but when I'm not using it I fold it down so the point points up and the front is resting on top of my port. That way it becomes more compact for carrying, packing, etc.
  6. I use this lens underwater. There's no vignetting. The only issue is you need a larger port because it doesn't focus internally. The bonus is that it's half the price of the Nikon 105mm. I also use it on land for portraits occasionally, and of course macro (flowers and bugs). It's a good sharp lens.
  7. +1 for Eneloops. Never had a problem with them in my S&S strobes. I have 6 sets that I rotate between my two strobes. My experiences with other rechargeables (Energizer & Duracell) have had them leak into the battery compartment.
  8. Well, it was thrown in with the rest of the luggage when you gave it to them before entering the plane, but was returned to you on the jetway. Luckily all my camera gear was in a bag that fit under the seat so I didn't have to gate check my gear. Other photographers were panicking, as their photo backpacks were huge and didn't fit under the seat or in the overhead bins and were going to have to be gatechecked, however the plane wasn't full they so the extra photo bags were just piled in the back seats.
  9. Actually, they did have gate checking in Indonesia, at least on Lion Air, though they did cram a lot of stuff into the cabin.
  10. Oh yes, the smell of o-ring grease. There's also the smell of a new set of flooded batteries in your strobe's battery compartment! The faint metallic mixed with salty smell of an aluminum housing after a dive trip.
  11. I ended up changing my seat both there and back so I could put my bag under one of the double seats. I took a look at the single seats and they are terrible! There is less legroom than in the other seats, and hardly enough space under the seat for anything. Most of the people gate checked their roller bags, but one guy shoved his into the overhead bin but didn't bother to see whether it would close (it did not) and got quite an earful from the flight attendant.
  12. Yes, their exchange rates are terrible. I recently sold some camera gear, and while the buyer paid 3% to cover the fees, the exchange rate was so bad that I had to eat another 4%, giving Paypal 7% of my sale. Yes, it's highway robbery. Unfortunately it's often the only option when dealing with international transactions.
  13. Yes, the camera is still available. I'm having issues with the PM system for some reason.
  14. Most photographers will not show you all the photos they took. They choose X amount of the best photos, do basic post-processing, and show you only those photos. Later, when you choose the photos you want for your package, they will edit those ones (removing blemishes, etc.), which takes more time. Any photographer will tell you that the less time you spend in post, the better (otherwise you better be charging for all that time you spend on the computer, or have an assistant doing all the post work). Hence the reason many wedding photographers shoot strictly JPGs.
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