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  1. Thanks! We have decided to remodel....there goes the dive gear budget, lol.
  2. Sort of what I thought, thanks. I love the RX series, not great at the extreme ends, super macro/natural light wide angle but plenty good for me. I looked around and found Canon made a new 4k version of her camera. Looks identical, will drag the housing down the local camera store and see if it functions.
  3. So after a 7yr hiatus from diving we have retired and are ready to dive back in!!! We are reviewing our camera gear and deciding what needs to be fixed, junked and replaced. The wife shoots the Canon HF G30 (1090max) in a Gates housing. The video on our 4k TV still looks great. She loves macro but not really techy. The flexibility/point and shoot function of a camcorder works for her. BUT she finds the housing with lights a little big. 1. Is there anything out there smaller and as flexible as her beloved camcorder that is 4k? 2. Her old Big Blue lights are shot. What minimum 6k lumen lights, in the reasonably priced category, do people like? We are not super picky about the "color" happy to play with a little in post. I have my Sony RX100 V, Nauticam housing, WWL-1, and CMC-1. Been happy with the results. Anything newer, better but still in the compact camera class? Mainly shoot stills. Thanks!
  4. Sorry, not for underwater but....Peak Design Capture Clip, works to fix all their attachments to your backpack strap, waist band or belt. Also the Lens Quick Change holder. Will hold two Sony mount lenses. Going for a hike you can swap between lenses without digging around in your backpack. The Clip and Lens holder are versions 2. So the Lens Holder DOES NOT rotate. Both pcs sold for $54 each. Will sell both pcs for $60 together.
  5. Think Tank Urban Disguise 60V2.0 https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/847332-REG/Think_Tank_826_Urban_Disguise_60_V2_0.html $100 (or best offer) + Shipping in US/Canada via Paypal This is the bag they never weigh at check in. I can fit all my RX100 setup in it along with travel docs, music player, etc..... The trick is just making it look light on your shoulder, lol. Also makes just a great briefcase and standard carryon. Its in excellent condition and I will refund your money in full, minus shipping, if you have any issues with the quality of the bag. See link for all the pockets and storage areas.
  6. Bump, "buyer" was scammer, see above. Happy to take offers. Will even take it in to get new neck & wrist seals but the $178.00 will need to be included in your offer.
  7. Ha! Not Sold. Total Craigslist scam: Buyer claimed they are moving, would send me a cashiers check. When the check arrived it was for $2999.00 on a $800 drysuit. I emailed them and they said they were having issues with the mover, just cash the check, take out my cost and give the rest to the mover to cover their moving costs. SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tried contacting the Seattle police department but they are not taking calls for anything but life threatening situations. FBI, fill out this form...Want to bust the guys but in the end just told them happy to shred the check or mail it back and radio silence. Anyone want to buy a Drysuit?????????
  8. Thanks for your interest. I have a couple of offers, price is now at US$1000. If you want it you would have to be at $1100 plus shipping, from Seattle.
  9. Whoops, this is a $3200 suit, willing to take offers hoping to sell if for more than $800.
  10. If you are not familiar this system has a latex wrist seal and then a standard industrial strength latex glove goes over the cuff. Preferred system of the staff at the local aquarium where I used to volunteer.
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