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  1. Next time you dive Emerald Bay take a metal detector! lol. My father was in law enforcement and dealt with fraud at the casinos. One thing people did was hammer down pennies so they would fit in the dime slots, back in the late 60s - 70s. They had to be "taken out of circulation". Most I think went to the Feds for melting down. But we took a few bags of the shiny coins and would throw them overboard watching them drift down to the bottom.
  2. Chris, so played with the Dive Galleries and can't find a way to scroll through them. It is touchy but if you take your cursor to the bottom or top of the galleries an up/down arrow appears that will then scroll. Tom, you join others in wanting captions. I'm a little burned out on the site right now. But the way covid is going I will probably have time.
  3. Thanks so much! Will review the dive galleries. The site really is our version of "family 8mm movies", lol. I thought about cutting down all the galleries to just the "best of" but as I approach 60yrs old I want keep the memories;)
  4. Hello, Slight update to website. It would be great if others could take a look and see if there are any glitches. Of course open to suggestions to changes. https://aquabluedreams.com/#/page/home/ Thanks!
  5. A quick trip we took to Coz last year. I miss our Indo live-aboards but there is something to be said for two dives then the pool and drinks with umbrellas..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YIT7tz4CDM&t=4s
  6. The RXs are not super strong with macro but with diopters and a steady hand they are fair. This gallery were all taken with the RX100IV. Some fair, "fill the frame" macro shots. https://aquabluedreams.com/#/gallery/indonesia-ambon-alor-2015/dsc03901/
  7. Getting "long in the tooth" article I wrote years ago but still relevant, imho. I shoot the RX100IV and for my purposes it is great. You can see it used in the Tonga gallery where it "struggles" natural light, wide angle. In the Fiji gallery it does great with strobes and being able to go from macro to wide in one dive. https://www.aquabluedreams.com/#/page/my-digital-de-evolution/
  8. As a long time fan of compacts like the Sony RX100 series the move to cell phones "makes sense". The issue for me is always low light capability. When we went to Tonga and shooting natural light you could really see the difference between my RX and another shooters full frame rig.
  9. One question; what are you going to DO with your photos? Are you making massive prints? Submitting to news agencies? For me compacts meet my needs...Dated but I still feel the same: https://aquabluedreams.com/#/page/my-digital-de-evolution/ If you are shooting a lot of wide angle natural light shots the bigger the sensor the better. If mainly using strobes not such a big issue. Lots of good deals on gear here in the Classifieds.
  10. We dive with and got our certification through http://www.bluextseadiving.com, they are great!
  11. Bluextsea is great, only 6 to a boat, good guides and will leave you alone if you want to take your time.
  12. Need to update this article but I think it is still relevant. I shoot the Sony RX100IV and the camera is even better... http://aquabluedreams.com/#/page/my-digital-de-evolution/
  13. Personally I love my Sony RX100 IV. Here is article I wrote awhile back when I had the RX100II but my feelings haven't changed: http://aquabluedreams.com/#/page/my-digital-de-evolution/ As to color...The following galleries were all shot on the Sony RX100. Fiji: http://aquabluedreams.com/#/gallery/fiji/dsc02229 Indonesia: http://aquabluedreams.com/#/gallery/indonesia-ambon-alor-2015/dsc03311
  14. Final follow up...the Glyph Technologies Atom RAID 2TB USB 3.1 Type-C External SSD came in and so far WOW! In FCPX I have a 3x45min 4k, time lines stacked on each other and editing and playback is super smooth. No more stuttering and stoping. From a strictly editing point of view very happy.
  15. In the end decided editing 4k video was the key. Would risk losing data if a drive fails. So went with the following external hard drive to edit on and then will use old hard drives to store final projects on. Thanks to Tamir at B&H to walk me through options. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1295928-REG/glyph_technologies_ar2000slv_atom_raid_2tb_ssd.html
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