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  1. thanks to everyone that has offered their opinions. i appreciate it very much! i am curious as to why it is more difficult to get a good shot with the 105mm? i figured it may be a bit easier than with the 60mm because you don't have to get as close to the fish. again, thanks for the input! michele
  2. hi all! i purchased a nikon d80 in december, and i am excited about eventually taking it underwater (as soon as i can afford a housing). i have shot pics underwater for 3 years using an olyc5060, so i have some experience. anyways, i love macro photography, both underwater and above. i have been accumulating a few multi-purpose lenses (50mm f1.8, 18-70mm vr & 70-300vr) and now i would like to get a macro lens. i don't know which one to pick. i would like one that i can use for above and underwater. can anyone give me their experiences with both lenses and what would be the benefits of both lenses? i would be willing to eventually buy both lenses, but i can only get one this year for sure. thanks a bunch! michele
  3. i am not really new to underwater photography, but since my awesome olympus c5060 died last fall, i decided to make the plunge into the dslr world. unfortunately, i can't afford to get all the gear at once, but i'd like to make a list of the things i need to save for. i have NO IDEA what lenses would be the best to get, but i'm pretty sure that i know enough about cases and strobes to get those. ok, so what lenses would you suggest ? i love taking macro shots and i do also take some wider angle shots. i want to be able to take really nice shark pictures , since sharks are soooo awesome! i heard that the 60mm macro is a good one, but is there some other macro that's recommended (and why) i have an 18-70mm lens and a 50mm lens right now, and that's it. what would you recommend for a wide angle/shark pic taking lens. any help would be greatly appreciated! thanks in advance, michele
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