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  1. Thanks Sabine. Wasn't aware of 'Steves Digicams Forum'. It gets clearer...
  2. Hi all, I've been thinking to sell my Nikonos stuff and go digital. Have some questions though. Really hope someone here may advise. 1. Can you really use the build-in camera flash through the housing? Most of those hoisings are transparent, right. I understand the difference between the good external strobes away from the lens and the build in flash but the idea of having a build-in flash underwater sound interesting. Also heard some people complain about the built-in flash causing reflections in the housing? 2. How do you synchronize an external strobe with a digital camera (without cable)? I read here about people using slaves trigered by the built-in flash but I have bad experience trying to use slaves with a Canon s-110 - the thing just won't synchronize. The slaves fire promptly but the pictures are 90% as if only the built-in flash was used and the other 10% are severely overexposed. 3. The optical viewfinder of most digital cameras is useless underwater, right? My question is, how good is the lcd screen when you have to compose, focus, etc. and it is pretty deep/dark? I'd appreciate any input... I.
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