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  1. This system is still for sale and is an excellent and inexpensive start to shooting underwater digital photography. Although the the system is a couple gen's old, it is still an great camera - this system has shot many magazine stories and covers. Additionally, I beleive the Jonah housing can be converted to work with the Canon 5D - contact me for details. Ed
  2. System is still for sale with a price drop to $4,000. Please email me at ewebrn@gmail.com if interested. Ed Weber
  3. I have dropped the price for this system to $2,000 - A great price! Ed
  4. Underwater digital camera system for sale: -Jonah aluminum camera housing for Canon 10D (with extra o-ring kit) -Wide-angle dome port -Macro port + extension -Canon 10D 6.3 megapixel digital SLR camera body with original manuals/cords & batteries -Canon 15mm f2.8 fisheye lens (like new) -Sigma 50mm f2.8 Macro lens (1:1) (never used) -(2) Ikelite Substrobe 200 (both retrofitted with new NIMH batteries by Ikelite) with "smart" charger -Dual sync cord + extra single sync cord -TLC arms - set-up for both macro and wide-angle Everything is in great shape - the lenses have little or no use. Total system price: $2,500.00 For questions or more info: Ed Weber 509-764-9290, ewebrn@gmail.com
  5. Hi Roger- I have a Canon 10D in a Jonah housing with two ikelite 200 strobes, TLC arms, all connector, ports (wide & macro), etc. that I am interested in selling. Everything is in excellent condition - strobes have been updated with new batteries. I also have lenses available from macro to wide-angle. The 10D is an older digital SLR at 6.3 megapixel. The Jonah housing is no longer made, but is a nicely made aluminum housing (I have a complete extra o-ring kit for the housing). I have not researched a price for the system, but if you are interested I can figure one out, but I am sure it would be well within your projected budget. This would be a fantastic digital system to start with and could easily serve a photographer for a long time. Feel free to contact me at ewebrn@gmail.com Ed Weber
  6. Bluefin L10-T LED Travel Package for the Sony HC-7 HD video camera. Includes housing with monitor back, LED light with batteries, cords and charger, custom pelican travel case, standard lens, 80 degree Super Wide-Angle accessorie lens, custom fabricated tripod mount with small tripod, Sony HC-7 HD Video Camera with extra batteries, charger and cords. System has been used on less than 10 dives and is in absolute new condition. Never flooded or abused. Entire package for $4,200.00. For further information or questions please call or email. Ed Weber 509-764-9290, ewebrn@gmail.com
  7. FOR SALE - Light & Motion L-10T travel package for the Sony HC-7 High Definition Video Camera. Travel Package includes housing with high-res monitor back, LED lights with arms & battery packs and a custom Pelican case with foam cut-outs. Also included is a "Super Wide-Angle" Lens (80 degrees) and a custom fabricated tripod mount and tripod that attaches between the handles for rock-steady macro shooting. System has been used on about 10 dives - never flooded and is in absolute new condition. Housing pkg. & lens retail for $7,000.00 - will sell for $4,000.00 including shipping! Sony HC-7 HD Video Camera available for additional $500.00. For questions: ewebrn@gmail.com or call 509-764-9290 Ed Weber
  8. Light & Motion Bluefin L10-T Travel package for the Sony HC-7 High Definition video camera. Package includes housing with hi-res video back, extra standard back, LED lights with arms, batteries and Pelican case (this sold for $6,399.00). I am also including the optional Light & Motion "Super Wide-Angle Lens" ($600 option) and a custom made tripod mounting bracket that attaches to both handles and allows for mounting the housing to a small tripod (which I an also including). The camera is not included, although I may be persuaded to sell it. This system has been used on approximately 10 dives and is in "better than new" condition, as I have worked the "bugs" out of the system and it is in perfect working condition. I am selling because I originally purchased it for a project that never got off the ground and I am primarily a still shooter and have no need for a video system. I am asking $4,000.00 for the system. Please contact me at ewebrn@gmail.com or feel free to call me with questions at 509-764-9290. Thanks for your interest. Ed Weber
  9. I will drop the price of this system to $4,000 for a quick sale - remember, this is an inexpensive way to get into a high-end High Definition video system with a high resolution monitor back, LED lights & arms, wide-angle lens and custom tripod system - check out the Light & Motion website for pricing - this is a great deal! They system has less than 10 dives and is literally better than new. Blow someone away with a great Christmas gift!! Ed Weber
  10. Item is still for sale and I will ship for free - I am not sure if the HC-9 camera fits the housing - a call to L&M should verify this. I will include the HC-7 camera for an additional cost. Again, this Travel Package system is in better than new condition and is a great deal for a HD underwater video system! Call me at 509-764-9290 or email for further details. Ed
  11. The L&M Super Wide-Angle lens for this is actually 80 degrees, NOT 65 as listed.
  12. High-Definition Video Travel Package with LED lights, batteries, charger, arms, Pelican case and video monitor back for Sony HC-7 HD video camera. Also includes Super Wide-Angle (65 degree) lens and a custom fabricated handle tripod mount and small tripod. Used less than 10 dives and is better than new condition. $5,000 Email me at ewebrn@gmail.com
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