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  1. Thanks for the heads up Jeff, I'll look into what you've recommended. Dave.
  2. Thanks for the help with the strobe choice guys. How do you find the DS125 Brian? Dave.
  3. Hi, I'm getting a canon G9, with Ikelite housing, but I'm not really sure which Strobe to go for, can you help me Guys and Girls?? thanks, Dave
  4. Hi Matt, thanks for the reply. I've decided on the Canon G9 with ikelite now. thanks for all of the info and advice everyone. Dave.
  5. Thanks Carly, will bear all of that in mind. Decisions decisions hey. Dave.
  6. Hi Mike, I've seen one for about £600 without strobe, not sure if I can get it cheaper but thats what I'm looking at spending on the camera and housing. Thanks Dave.
  7. Hi James, thanks for the reply on my question. I mainly want to use the camera for the usual scuba holiday shots, also for freediving pics and short video clips if possible. I would like to use the camera on surface as a general point and shoot too. Thanks again, Dave.
  8. Hi, new to this site, and wanted some advice. I have seen other posts that touch on the subject, and mention the DX1G, but none ask this specific question. Is the Sea and Sea, DX1G the best camera/housing package in its price range? or would I be better off starting with a different digi camera and buying a housing for that? I've heard mentions of Sony's and Canon's, but haven't got a scooby to be honest, and would appreciate your help. Thanks for your time. Dave.
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