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  1. That was easy enough I will get the 60mm then. Which leads me onto another question, sea & sea have a selection of ports to use with this. what are the pro's and con's of the various types of port?
  2. I am getting a seconhand setup and while i am waiting for some cash to arrive into my account I am looking into a suitable first lense and port. \The setup is a nikon D70 with sea & sea housing I was thinking 60mm macro lense and standard flatport. But has anyone got any other suggestions this will be my firs venture into DSLR underwater photography
  3. Hi all I was just wondering how compatible different brands are wit each other. Mainly strobes and housings. I have a YS-110 strobe from sea and sea I am looking at possibly upgrading is it possible to use it with an ikelit housing with TTL? Thanks
  4. whacky

    Canon G9

    YS-110 is a fairly new addition but on first impressions it's good. I bought it with an eye on where I'd like to go with my photography (eventually a DSLR set-up). So fo my A520 it's a bit of an overkill. Thanks for the reply
  5. whacky

    Canon G9

    I was thinking of pgrading from my canon A520 with sea & sea ys-110. I was looking at getting a canon G9 with canon housing. I have read a few bits and pieces that say you haven't got full functionality in the housing. I also wondered if its possible to add external lenses via some kind of adapter. Are there other options to be considered
  6. I am thinking of upgrading from my Canon A520 to a newer model. The latest version of the A520 is the A570 which I know i can get adapters for external lenses. But there are better cameras like the G9 for example. I'm not sure that i can get adapters for the G9 canon housing does any body know if this is possible?
  7. Was nice to meet you tonight if you ever take up UK diving give us a shout. As a ttal coincidence i had already been to one BUPG evening and tonight was my second. Hadnt been here for a couple of days so was a bit confused when ralphy introduced himself as the guy from wetpixel. Now I am all caught up though. I will be there in March Alex so i will make sure i say hi.
  8. Thanks Dean I see your from evesham not tooo far from me. Where do you go diving to get some good pics? Although i think it's like minded bddies I am short of rather than locations.
  9. whacky


    I've just done a search and think I found the answer. Just have to merge the layers and hey presto. I am new here but learning fast
  10. Hi all, I am starting to get a few half decent (in my eyes) pictures so was thinking of starting my own website to show them off. But before doing that i was wondering how people watemark or atleast put a copyright symbol on their pictures. I can add a text box but i assume anyone that way inclined can just delete said text box. Is there anyway of adding something a little more permenant to pictures I upload?
  11. Hey all, I am from Bristol in the UK I have been diving for 2 and a half years now and have been trying to take uw photos for almost as long with varying degrees of success. Hoping that i can pick up a few tips from you guys here. see you all around
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