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  1. Thanks for the information Eric. The cost/benefit ratio looks unacceptably low; I guess I'm spoiled by the cost and functionality of the PT housings, especially the PT 012.
  2. Hello, since the subject of the Casio Exilim EXs-3 came up on this thread, I would like to ask if anyone has actually seen a housing made for it. Casio has its' housing for the EX S-1 and 2, but they are 3 meter housings. I have an Oly C5050, D40, and Exilim s3- with PT housings for the former and no housing for the Casio. I have noticed myself using the much smaller and MUCH more ergonomic D40/PT012 combo more frequently than the 5050. The D40 is my favorite now for UW, and the Exilim for surface. I'd really like to use the Exilim underwater-- thus I'm looking for a housing. Is there one out there??? Or should this whole topic be on a new thread??
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