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  1. We were there, in PNG 3 years ago. It was one of our best trips. The primitiveness of it all, especially when we were trading with the locals off New Britain. We took tee shirts and coloring books, pencils and crayons, they traded with us their fruit and veggies. The cook on the StarDancer prepared what they gave us. Our luggage made it and we were charged on the return trip out of Hoskins for weight also. Here's a few pics to wet your appetite
  2. I took the StarDancer in 2005 to the Fathers and Witu's. It was a memorable trip, maybe because the diving was soooooooo good I'm not sure you could match it anywhere, soft coral, fans, sharks, dolphins, an indescribable amount of fish species as on any one dive I would try to remember the names of the species of fish and after 9 or 12 I started to forget what I saw first, and this happened on every dive. The problem with lenses is you have to decide ahead of time what lens to use, I was still using a film camera and used a close focus wide angle 28mm mostly. Here a couple of shots:
  3. Oh yes, St. Anthony's wreck. I'll be there in 4 weeks.
  4. Not only am I questioning which strobe or strobes are you using but also are you using the 6inch dome port of the 8 inch dome port? I'm asking is because I plan to use the D80 in a Ike housing as well. I currently have a Ike substrobe 150 and would have to use it manually and could possibly use an old helix strobe in slave position. Are any of you using non-digital strobes? If you are using the 6 inch dome port...which I have, what WA lenses asre you using that will fit the 5303.?
  5. Yes on the Loloata thing, I've stayed a few nights and dove there, it's 45min. away (from the airport), safe - there are small kangaroos that run wild on the Island, and the food was decent.
  6. This photo doesn't make a green mpray look too docile does it?
  7. Were you using a strobe or strobes in the GWhite pics? What appeture were you using ? What lens were you using? Were you using the camera in auto mode or do you preset your choices? Thanks.
  8. I thought there would be alot more interest in this camera by divers, the DR should be great. There is about a month left before we'll see consumer pictures at which time there are hopefully many who will want housing makers to join in for the making of housings.
  9. My current Ikelite housing is for my Pentax.......I would consider Ike a "big housing maker" and would hope that Ike would take a good look at this new camera. Just think, the new camera is weather sealed, if you have a leak, as long as it's not too bad it may not be the end of the world for your camera. I saw one of the promo videos for the K10 and they take pictues in the pouring rain and just wipe off the camera when they are finished.
  10. I'm very interested in this new camera, I have a number of pentax lenses that I could use with it. I currently am still using film and the price as well as the list of options that come with this camera look awesome. I have a Ike housing so my flat and dome ports will work with a new housing too. What is your take on the TTL ?
  11. I guess I'll add......What about PNG with a liveaboard? I've been to the Red Sea, and I think that the coral formations in the Fathers and Witu's as well as the fish life far out weighed any place I've been. There was pristine areas of corals, even some large sharks, schools of jacks and barracuda
  12. Wow Frogfish, that is a most amazing wide angle shot, nice picture! Thanks for the encouragement. Do you think your D2H is where you want to be or are you ready to move to....say a D200 or D2X? What lens did you use for that shot and what strobes are you using? Thanx
  13. Wide angle digital, seems to have a very small amount of pictures on the web (at this site as well as many others) is this because the degree of difficulty is high, or that digital just doesn't perform in wide angle very well? I really like wide angle but am still shooting film and the ONE big reason is that there doesn't seem to be allot of great wide angle shots. It seems as if those sun balls has photographers deleting their pics.
  14. I like your idea, but it does show alot of particles, I turned down my strobe and bracket strobe settings when you have a subject like yours.
  15. By this measure should we, not allow any diving on any reefs, because some species may be affected? I think it's awesome that there is a find like this, I would love to visit and observe as well. If no one sees it what value to the world or you, does it have? Has not man been created as curious? What does lie on that next reef or mountain? Should we not explore for the sake of protection of species...that might exisit? Definitely food for thought.
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