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  1. I have one too but I am in europe...and in case you are it is in perfect conditions used 7 times. email: aaaseverino@yahoo.it
  2. If you are willing to go FishEye I would get latest 20mpx M43 camera like GX9 or G95 with an 8mm panasonic fisheye and nauticam housing and 3.5" dome. Very compact , light, and great quality! Of course you would be spending more for the new housing but you would get a lot more flexibility (you could buy an extension and use the same port for the 60mm macro lens for example) Andrea
  3. Nice product but if you do not need ttl you can save 230€ with this http://www.divephotoguide.com/underwater-photography-scuba-ocean-news/nimar-releases-led-flash-trigger/
  4. I am not sure what lights you have tried but I would not be so critical for macro. As an example here I used a 1000 lumen light to get this 1cm shrimp (quite too transparent for strobo shooting!) with a M43 sensor (em5mk1) and 60mm macro set at f11, 1/250, ISO 200. M43 sensors usually give you a bit more flexibility for macro. Probably ISO 200 on M43 behaves as an 800 ISO on FF. However I get a reasonable DOF at the FF equivalent of F22 and certainly a plenty good shutter speed handheld.
  5. While I generally agree it is a long way (if ever) to see LED lights replacing strobes, I think for certain types of UW photography the new brighter and improving LED lights are an option in MACRO photography which offer some advantages over strobing... In regards to reliability I think strobes for me have proven much more reliable than LED lights!
  6. I have used an Olympus em5 since 2012 with a Nauticam case. Lenses are plenty, sharp, and extremely compact (!). All that is mentioned about M43 is true. And frankly while I see people buying larger sensors and after almost 7 years I have a hard time seeing any better quality to move from the setup I have. If you print larger than A3 or even A2 maybe full frame makes sense when you crop. High Iso is almost useless unless you do some special fisheye or very wideangle and no strobo. Most newer M43 will do fine at 1600 iso. The new Panasonic GX9 seems a good price performance point in the M43 universe maybe even better than Olympus EM1-MkII. But the improvement is not worth yet paying approx. 2500€ over what I have (body and case). I would almost rather invest in a TGxx with manual control and 1" sensor to get into small holes and get away with even a lighter package! But unfortunately I do not see much coming in the compact size world for good quality UW photography.
  7. I have used it an caused it to swell almost causing a flood!!!
  8. The macro solution using the 30mm macro lens on M43 systems is anything but underwhelming. I have used it with the cmc options for great super macro results. Without CMC is also a great quality macro lens. In the end the MWL lens will proove itself in the water. It might be heavy and it may be useful if you plan to shoot mainly with the Fov of 150 degrees in your dive. But if quality is good it may be a better option to the rectilinear wide angle lenses with the option of occasional macro shooting when that special critter comes along!
  9. not only for full frame but usable across all cameras that have equivalent focal length of approx. 60mm here is the link http://www.nauticam.it/lente-macro-wide-angle-mwl-1/ if quality is good it could be a game changer for M43, Aps and full frame users. MWL-1 Port Chart.pdf
  10. mmm I am wondering about the 30mm in its flat port with the wwl-1. What FOV would that be?
  11. Hello Interceptor ... Thanks for the link ... very useful indeed. I understood you used the LX100 for the camera in the test. I think the 2cm air gap to the Nauticam port's glass will make a big difference. Have you tried with the Olympus 14-42 MK2?
  12. Really thinking about trying the ... Panasonic 14-42mm MkII with the INON UWL-H100 and dome unit. The WWL1 is too big and heavy for my trips.
  13. Wapiti, I am not sure how you can use the 12-40mm behind a flat port. At 12mm the lens would be way back and would badly vignette. Also the 60mm works just fine behind a dome and it does not lose magnification. You just need to move in a little closer to you subject. I agree the standard zooms do not have the quality they should. Both the 12-40mm and the 12-60mm are much better quality lenses!
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