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  1. Hello Igor, you would definetely be welcome to come and visit us in Coda Cavallo at AQUARIUS about 10 minutes by car from la Cinta. We have the islands of Tavolara and Molara right in front of us within 10 minutes by boat and we love photographers. :)) You can also find us on facebook under my name or DIVE AQUARIUS
  2. I also would love to move to a more compact system from a 16mpx olympus em5 i used for 8 years. But i used the tg series starting with the tg3 and my biggest grief is the lack of manual control. I hear the tg6 has got better controls over shutter by going to Aperture mode and setting some limits in Shutter speed and Iso. Frankly i tried using strobos with little accomplishment. With a strong torch I fared better. In any case going wide is almost unusable and I find quality even on macro is not enough. I would love an iteration that has manual control but it never comes. Certainly the Tg6 on the right hands cand do wonders no other outfit can thanks to its small size and super macro option. I do not think you would be happy with it. Andrea Sent from my LG-H870 using Tapatalk
  3. Thank you Oskar! However I only read the temperature of the light in basic information of the Retra app on Android and depth rating and that is all. Nothing else! Am I looking in the wrong place? Regards Andrea Sent from my LG-H870 using Tapatalk
  4. Thank you Oskar! Useful information since I was really trying to understand what was going on since my other strobes worked ok in manual. This is the type of info that could be also made available on the technical manual. I learnt about the app as I bought the strobos but in my humble opinion (!) more in depth explanations and technical data would be useful. For example the fact that the U1 and U2 both cannot be stored with separate modes (for now) should be written in a separate note section in the app manual itself. Other useful info could be weight in water and out of the water, number of shots available with eneloop pro at 50% strobe power, ... Anyway just some thoughts... sorry for being a pest. One question: would a Turtle smart trigger synch would work in manual with Retra HSS? Does the camera have to support an HSS flash mode or manual mode is enough?
  5. I have had a little time with the Retra Pros. I was used mainly to the inon z240s and S2000. I cannot comment on the Z330s but here are some initial comments on the Retras: 1) beautiful even light with excellent color grade. 2) works well in TTL so far. 3) cannot work in manual with my OMD EM5 and Pana GX9. It does not synch over 37.5%. But it works in the advanced SMART SL mode after easy calibration. This is very strange and do not understand why it cannot work well in manual mode. I had no problems on this with Inons or Sea&Sea and other strobes. 4) batteries get drained super fast (!!!) and you can only use Eneloop Pros if you need to take them for 2 dives. Even old eneloops that work well with the Z240s cannot charge well the Retras. 5) a bit bigger than the Inon Z330s. Knobs ok but could be better shaped. I like the ones on the Z330s better. 6) There is VERY little official documentation and support is prompt but cryptic... Waiting to understand them a little better and thinking to buy the Turtle or other TTL capable synch to use the unique and very interesting HSS mode. Andrea
  6. I guess it has to do with the lens and accessories someone might have invested in... and of course marketing
  7. The 9-18mm in the 4" nauticam port works better than most other ports. It is a semidome and much more compact than the 7" one. However I did not have a chance to test the 7" port. The flat parts are terrible as expected. However a +2 achromatic addon to the lens inside the port will improve the corners considerably if you want best quality below F8.0. Frankly I hardly use it and much prefer the 8mm fisheye lens which focuses so close to get CFWA capability. I can even get a reasonable nudibranch picture with the 3.5" dome port from Nauticam. And it is a VERY sharp lens. You can defish it if you do not like fisheye distortion.
  8. UW ...if you need a new case... then it would not make sense to upgrade for 3000/3500€ +++ (!)
  9. certainly a lot cheaper. The protective ring may seem useful to protect the front without diffusers. I wonder if it prevents full light diffusion before ordering it.
  10. It depends what you shoot at. I LOVE the 8mm lens ....super crisp. But you need to get very close to your subject. Not so good for fish schools for example. Here in the Mediterranean sea I get little use of the 12-40mm (or 12-35mm) focal range but other tropical seas I do like that focal range and will use it a lot. However there is not a best lens for what I want in that range that is compact and has good quality in a dome. Possibly a 12-40mm Oly or 12-60mm Pana in a 6 or 7 " dome. However the quality of the edges is not as good as the 8mm Fisheye and the domes are bigger than what I am using now (an Oly 12-50mm set at F8.0 in a 4" semidome with a CMC1 flip on top. The 12-50mm lacks some contrast but at f8.0 is ok. 12mm is a also a bit limiting underwater). I would LOVE a very good 10-50mm with reversed zooming (shortest focal at longest size) and a compact semidome to attach the CMC (which does not exist ) or ...another option ....I have looked at is a 14-42MII Pana lens and a wwl-1 (INTERCEPTOR did some interesting tests with it). Andrea
  11. I have the Pana f3.5 one. The 8mm from Oly maybe a bit nicer as it goes down to f1.8 and so very interesting for wreck shots and othe no flash pics! a bit bigger also but still very compact!
  12. https://www.nauticam.com/blogs/news/mwl-1-and-nikon-z-7-in-triton-bay interesting link with the Nikon Z7. However it is not convincing enough for the price and weight. I would pack a TG6 in my BC pocket for casual macro and keep shooting with the 8mm FE setup for extreme wide angle
  13. I have used the PANA 30mm Macro lens which is at least as good as the OLY 60mm which I also have and used extensively. With the CMC1 the 30mm is a bit limited since distance from the diopter becomes a few cm. However I do prefer the 30mm as it is a bit more versatile for focusing and slightly more compact. I did think of the possibility of adding the MWL-1. I would use it mainly on and just detach using a flip addition when a small interesting critter would show up. Generally if I am in wide angle mode I would generally focus on non macro subjects but lately I have been happy doing some CFWA with the 8mm FE lens which is exceptional (compact and great detail/contrast ina 3.5mm dome). So The PANA 30mm and MWL-1 would be a nice setup. However I would consider the 30mm/MWL-1 if the WA quality is similar to the 3.5" and 8mm setup I have now. I would lose the compactness of the 8mm but would add the flexibility of doing real macro on the same dive. Also I tend to do often defishing of the pictures with the 8mm lens and I would think it would not be as needed with the 30mm/MWL option. Cost of the MWL is high and and I have seen no review reports on the M43 camp especially in comparison to an 8mm lens like mine so I am saving money for elsewhere for now. Andrea
  14. I found the gx9 at €300 before christmas. The housing is €1500 making it €1800 amd 1500grams. BTW THE OMD EM1MARK2 is about 1000 euros on sale so that is a good deal. But thr housings are bigger!
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