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  1. For Sale Olympus E 410 DSLR Camera with 2 gig Memory Card 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 Lens Olympus PT E03 Housing PPO-E05 Port Inon Fibre Optic holder All complete and in exellent condition. Everything maintained and cleaned properly from new. NEVER had a drop of water inside!! All it needs is strobe/s for a complete setup!! It's been a fantastic and reliable setup which I'm sad to see go but the E3 was too irrestistable. I'd like AU$1000 although I'll consider all reasonable offers. I'm happy to ship anywhere. Drop me an email to greg_nicholson@hotmail.com if you'd like to know more. Greg
  2. I have the same housing and I have noticed the following: I have the same warped lip at the top of the door. The gap when it's closed looks to be about half yours, certainly not wide enough to put a coin in. So far I've done 62 dives with this housing and I've never had any leaks or moisture inside it. I've removed the orings about 10-15 times, at a guess. But I am very particular about cleanliness while I do it. The one thing I did notice different with yours is, when it is closed the door is pulled up hard against the housing and it appears the housing and door are pulling against each other. When I pull the clips closed on mine, I can actually squeeze it with my hands and make it pull tighter. The door and housing are actually not touching where the latches are. I wonder if that is forcing the top of your housing to buckle outwards? If you have no orings and don't clip the door, is the gap the same or less? But I've looked at mine while underwater and it's tight the whole way around. All I can conclude is there is a fair bit of variation from one to the next which is unacceptable in any manufacturing process. I hope ASD's aquaintance in Olympus marketing has some feedback on this matter. Greg
  3. I share your problem and I currently use the Mares VisionX liquid skin (or is that Xvision?, I'm not sure!). I have done around 100 dives with it and it's very comfortable. Prior to this I had a normal VisionX which was perfectly acceptable too but the liquid skin is softer/more comfortable. It's also lowish volume too which helps looking through the viewfinder. Recently on a dive trip I forgot to pack my mask but I managed to borrow an Atomic frameless. I would recommend this too, it was comfortable in this area. I would consider either of these 2 if I was to purchase a new one any time in the future. Greg
  4. Well the E-520 is out and after all the speculation as to whether or not Olympus is continuing to make housings for SLRs, they came to the party with this: http://www.dcresource.com/news/newsitem.php?id=3741 http://www.dcresource.com/reviews/olympus/...iew/index.shtml And they answered another concern about a more affordable super wide zoom too!! But I'm happy with my setup for the mean time, Greg
  5. They moved it here: http://www.fantasea.com/s.nl/it.A/id.234/....mp;category=495 Greg
  6. Hi Ardy, I have had this setup for a while so i'll help as much as I can. Here is the link for olympus ports and compatible lenses http://www.olympus-europa.com/consumer/dsl...ystem_Chart.htm If you click on the link underneath, you can download the PDF. Although you can use the 50mm macro in the PPO-E05 (14-42) port with no problems optically, I find the port is physically so large that I have problems getting into tight spaces with it. Another 2 options for ports and accesories are Inon and Athena. In Australia there are no distributors of Athena, but you can contact them through their website http://athena-opt.com/english.htm and buy straight from them. Our Inon distributor here has poor customer service and pricing so the best place I've found to buy from is someone named Yuzo at http://www.uwdigitalcamera.com/index.php Both of these places have given me great customer service. If you want to get the 14-42mm, I would recommend the OPD-SZ14-42 port from athena. It's a dome port and if you add their M67 lens adapter arm, you can add a M67 wet macro lens i.e. UN PCU-01 And you'll have an extrememy versatile system. Although you'll get good results with this I would still recommend the 50mm macro if you're only planning on close ups, small critters. The reason I say this is because this lens is second to none as far as picture quality, sharpness, speed is concerned. I'd recommend the Inon port for this because you can purchase it with or without the magnetic focus ring so if you decide later down the track you want it, well you get the idea. Without the focus ring it's cheaper then the olympus too. As for strobes you can add any of the new inons and have TTL via fibre optics. Theres also a Sea and Sea one too but I have no experience with this. You can get either Inon or Athena mount for the fibre optic cable. Athenas one is more expensve but it has a mount on top if you want to add focus lights etc. I have been using Inon's D2000s for a while now and have got very accurate results. I hope this helps and hopefully Tropical1 (Phil) has some more suggestions for you. I've searched his posts and he is extremely knowlegable about Olympus systems. Happy shooting, Greg
  7. I hope I've helped, Greg
  8. What I meant to say before my computer rudely crashed on me is if you pm me your email address, I'd be happy to send you over a couple from my 14-42mm lens. Greg
  9. Thanks Phil, Seems like the Sigma is more trouble than it's worth. Is it possible to successfully put the Zuiko 11-22 behind a dome port? According to Olympus' website, it requires the PPO-E02 flat port. I checked the Athena site and had no luck there either. What is the physical limitation preventing me from using a dome port with this lens? Thanks for your help, Greg
  10. Loved the photos. Looks like you were battling with some of our typical visibility. I agree with your comments on Sydney diving. I dive here at least once or twice a week and always find something that amazes me. My question is - What dive site did you see that Turtle at? It looks like maybe La Perouse or Kurnell? I've dived there about 150 times and never seen him. Thanks, and as much as I love my local diving, I'd love to have a tropical dive site at my doorstep!!!
  11. Hi all, This may be a long shot for my first post but I was wondering if anyone had tried the Sigma 10-20mm F4-5.6 EX DC HSM for Four Thirds. It was released quite recently I believe. My local camera shop says when their stock arrives, it will be less than one third the price of the Zuiko 7-14mm. Does this sound correct? (being in Australia we have to wait longer than others for new toys) I realise my choice in equipment has put me in a minority group but if anyone has any useful knowledge or experience with this lens I would appreciate it very much. I have intentions to use it underwater if it's any good, as most of my other (very wide angle) options come at prohibitive prices. Greg
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