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  1. HI Folks, I'm selling one of my Sony HVR-Z7U Amphibico Phenom housing packages for $7,500. or best offer. Package includes: Sony HVR-Z7U Camera MRC-1 CF card recorder NP-F960 Battery w/charger Microphone Lens hood Amphibico Z7LE housing (2) 95 degree lens ports (scratch free) carrying case Contact me at dan@dancrowell.com
  2. I have an Amphibico FX/Z1 Phenom housing (no camera) I'm selling if anyone is looking for one. It's in good shape and everything works. B&H has used cameras still. would be a great starter kit. $1,200 Interested email me at: dan@deepexplorers.com
  3. For Sale: Amphibico Phenom FX/Z1 housing. Fits Sony Z1U or FX1 HD video camera. (Front lens port is not included) Lens ports can be purchase from B&H, Amphibico, etc., from around $600 to $3,200 depending on your needs. All buttons, triggers and switches work fine. Please email if interested dan@deepexplorers.com Dan Crowell
  4. Hey folks, I have an Amphibico housing for a Sony HVR-Z7U. Less than a year old and in perfect condition. This is an excellent housing with all the bells a whistles you'll ever need. You can buy it with the wide angle lens port (only port I have for it) or just the housing. As a package; housing & wide angle lens port: $7,300 Housing with no port: $4,600 If you need a camera too, I may have one available soon. Interested please email me @: dan@deepexplorers.com Dan Crowell
  5. Still available! Sony EX1 / Amphibico Phenom XFZ1 housing. Great system, very clean, both housing & camera is like new. Interested please send me an email @: dan@deepexplorers.com Housing no camera or lens port: $3,300 Housing no camera with lens port: $4,700 Sony FX1 only: $1,100 As a package: $5,200 Cheers Dan Crowell
  6. Hi all, I'm selling my Sony FX1 with an Amphibico Phenom housing. This system has worked flawlessly through nearly 20 episodes of Deep Sea Detectives as well as for my own series "Quest for Sunken Warships" and countless other underwater shoots. It's a great system and the only reason I'm selling it is I'm upgrading my camera systems. Interested please send me an email @: dan@deepexplorers.com Housing no lens port: $3,500 Sony FX1: $1,100 Wide angle lens: $1,800 As a package $6,000 Cheers Dan Crowell
  7. Hey guys, I've notice throughout this thread that you’re all comparing the EX1 and the new Z7. Though similar in size and appearance, that's the only real similarities, the two have in common. The two cameras were designed and developed by two different departments at Sony. The EX1 is produced by the XDCAM department and is intended as a secondary small profile camera to compliment their full sized F335 and F355 tape less acquisition camcorders designed for broadcast ENG use. It represents the low end of the XDCAM family. On the other hand; the Z7 and the larger S27 are the high end of the HVR, HDV based family of camcorders. So, the EX1 and Z7 were never intended to be used, or compared side by side. Unfortunately the only choices available for us underwater content producer for many years was a prosumer Handycam or $100, 000.00 beast. In the next few months were going to have a plethora of choices we’ve never had before and the only question is going to be, how much quality can you afford? I’ve seen the images the EX1 can produce and they’re stunning. I’m sure we’ll all be impressed by the Z7 too. But, as with the CCD size is everything. So, If you’re shooting primarily for broadcast, I’d suggest sticking with the EX1. If you’re looking for a cost effective way to shoot HD footage and produce non-broadcast DVD, etc. I think the HVR model will best suit for your needs. And BTW Gates and Amphibico are both working on a housing for the EX1
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