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  1. Oh yea, I totally agree. What Panasonic has gone with the V Log update is turn the gH4 into a shooting like a cinema camera. Something most casual underwater video shooters are not familiar with. When you look at the V log monitor, and expose it correctly, it looks flat and overexposed. You have to re train your expectations of what to look at in the monitor. Histogram use is required. Ideally a waveform monitor underwater is the way to go.. but lets get real. lol. The v log and required color grading is not for the casual shooter. It takes work and the benefits are subtle . I'm not sure if a youtube posted video shows its potential but on my monitor and tv its noticeable. Using the V Log color profile on the GH4 is like shooting a cinema camera, in that you have to understand how to expose it properly and post grade it in order to eek out the benefits. Its a whole different game.For some, it may not be worth it. For me, .. we'll.. I have nothing else to do in the evenings. It reminds me of my old still photo days of black and white using the "zone" system. For such you had to expose it for the desired shadow detail zone then develop it accordingly. The same is true of any Log recording, you must know how to expose it, and also how to later in post manipulate it.. which I am learning. I'll be doing some wide angle tests in the next weeks.. stay tuned.
  2. I haven't posted in a while, I need to figure out the codes for embedding video links. But for what its worth, heres a link to a quick test shot this past week using a GH4 and the Lumix 30mm macro lens, and V-Log L color profile. I graded it in Resolve Lite and used the Vericam 35 LUT. https://youtu.be/7CtvCksCsJk
  3. Hi there. Thanks for the kind words. Sorry, forgot to mention the depth range. This reef has nice sponges at 80 feet. Nice muddy bioherm around 110' and deeper. The video on this was collected over 6 dives. Combination of Sony HDV video and some GoPro Hero3 shots here n there.
  4. Hi all, Here's a video short which follows my dive buddy Jim and I as we explore a deep "glass sponge" reef located in British Columbia, Canada. Enjoy.
  5. I have used my Hero3 black on three cold water 45degree F dives now, all with the LCD back installed. THe first two dives the battery lasted on average appx 45-50 minutes run time with the LCD back running. I recently did a dive shooting time lapse underwater, and I made sure to turn off the LCD back most of the time, and the camera ran for appx 1.25 hours total. In this mode it was taking a still image every 5 seconds.
  6. Thanks everyone, Really appreciate the kind words. I must say that I was bummed not to see a film from Nick Hope there. This was my 2nd year that one of my films was accepted into SDUFEX and my first year in attendence... and I must say that viewing all the films afforded a great opportunity to see what other people are doing and to learn from them. Thank you Eric... sorry that I didnt have an opportunity to chat with you... I had the wife and little kids with me and they were tasking my time and attention. But I enjoyed your two films...and you sure do have a gift for storytelling. Yes... I plan to be there next year.
  7. I ran across one online review somewhere.. cant recall where at the moment.. but that reviewer was commenting that it appeared to be the most stable version since 8. I'm just a bit bummed that I upgraded to 11 not that long ago.. now comes 12... but I suppose that is the software business game after all...
  8. Hi all. Last week i was fortunate to have one of my video shorts shown at the 13th Annual San Diego Undersea Film Exposition SDUFEX. I enjoyed meeting some of the event organizing members, filmmakers and to see some great films from around the world. My video short "Colors of Cold" is a montage that showcases the range of colorful subjects one might see while diving in the Salish Sea; thats the region of water adjacent to Seattle Wa and Vancouver BC. [youtubehd]OBXFHCgWW4c[/youtubehd]
  9. Thanks for the kind words everyone. Did you notice how that rockfish was sure checking the baby out? Looking for a meal I suppose.
  10. My buddy Jim Copher and I made a dive this past weekend in Hood Canal, located here in WA state. Water was in the mid 40s, 25' vis, usual stuff for around here. The attached video recaps the dive, shows some lingcods, some rockfish and a wolfeel den. In there was a male and female guarding eggs. At about 2:00 into the video you'll see a very small and recently hatched baby wolfeel swimming in front of daddy's face. Enjoy! [youtubehd]oMpI3dr4F5Q[/youtubehd]
  11. Steve: basically the same sort of thing happened to me. Rushing and not taking sufficient care when closing it up. I had a 2nd backup camera which also fit the housing, so all I lost was one dive. Thanks Dave, have fun. Post some video soon. I'll be posting more Browning pass video in a few weeks.
  12. Thanks, A Sony HC7 in a Gates housing. Some shots using a Fathom lens, others using a Century Optics diopter behind a flat port. The housing flood was totally my fault, rushing too fast to swap out a camera batter between dives and I failed to visually confirm the oring seal when closing the housing. I belive a strap from the camera got caught in there, or the o ring slipped out and i didnt notice. Likely the latter. I'm happy with Gates products and their service. This one was totally my fault.
  13. About a week ago my dive buddy Jim Copher plus a few friends made the trek to the Port Hardy area of Vancouver Island where we dove in Browning Pass for a few days. Despite some typical dive travel setbacks (such as a flooded video housing, a torn and flooded dry suit, and the occasional bad weather) we still managed to get in some great diving. There's lots of marine life in the area, and vis was decent. Here's a link to a video short showcasing the diving we did last week at Browning Pass.
  14. This past weekend a few of us made a trek to Nanaimo BC Canada and dove the sunken vessels the Saskatchewan and Riv Tow Lion. We dove with Sea Dragon Charters and had a great time and it was a beautiful day on the water. This youtube video link shows diver Jim Copher exploring the Saskatchewan.
  15. Lately the vis has been pretty bad in my region, so I decided to do a little editing instead of getting wet. Here's a video short showing some of the marine life that can be seen in our Puget Sound / Salish Sea waters. (Seattle to Vancouver region)
  16. As another alternative to also consider if your budget is not huge: I shoot with a Sony HC 5 and a HC7, very simular to your HC1. I have a custom built Intel Dual core PC machine still running windows XP Pro that gets the job done for editing and making Blu-Rays. I use Sony Vegas Pro Version 8 for editing the video. I use the inexpensive TMGAuthorworks for authoring and the DVDs or Blu-Rays and an external blu ray burner. Vegas pro now has a version 10. I've been pleased with the capabilities Vegas Pro given its pricing. The only weak link in Vegas Pro is its built in authoring software for buring Blu-Rays. I've had problems with that doing Blu-Rays authoring and what I wanted and thus instead use the TMG software instead for Blu-Ray creation. If you go the PC and Windows route, be sure not to go "low bid" on a machine. Thats where the Apple world figured it out. They have fewer options but they all have sufficient hardware to do the job. People that tend to buy the cheapest PC machines seem to be the ones that have the most complaints. It the PC world you could buy substandard hardware if you go low ball on pricing. Consider a decent quad core machine or better, any middle of the road hardware should be sufficient. Invest in a good separate graphics card and a couple of fast hard drives. You might want to look at the software's recommended hardware specs and work backwards from that.
  17. Thanks for the kind words. I use a Sony HC7 in a Gates housing with up to four separate LED lights. I also have a custom designed tripod which I use as well.
  18. Hi all, This past weekend was one of those good ones out in the San Juans. Everthing came together, the sun came out and vis was still about 20-30' in spots. (thats actually good for around here). We dove the west side of Long Island wall at slack current between tidal changes, a great wall dive. Do it if you ever get the opportunity. Here's a link to some video taken on Saturday.
  19. A group of us went out on a charter dive boat this past Sunday and we dove Deception Pass and later Strawberry Island (close to Cypress island.) Both located in Washington State USA. The currents at Deception were running about a half hour late from predicted slack. Vis was about 15 feet or so.. but if you've never dove it.. its a fun dive, especially along the small Pass island south wall where we dive from a boat. Later we moved to Strawberry Island and had a nice dive there as well. But again vis was only about 15 feet or so. Here's some video shot during the day.
  20. I have shot videos with the BB1x30. Samples posted on my Youtube page. Just to clarify my prior comments about the BB1x30... It has a very nice, evenly diffused pattern underwater. There are no hot spots. A nice even circular spot. The LED is behind a flat port. However, when compared to my Sunray 1000 light heads output, at the same distance, and underwater, the BBx30's angle of coverage appears to be narrower than that of the Sunray 1000. However the light is more intense with the BB1x30. I have not had my hands on a VL1300. The BB1x30's specs and the new VL1300 look to be very similiar. I wonder if the specs got messed up in the "translation" when writing the documentation.
  21. Here's a very short video of some of the macro sized critters that can be seen in Hood Canal, located in Washington State USA. For those that havent dove our area, water temp was 42 F and vis about 25 feet. Typical for this time of the year. There are many Lingcods guarding their nests of eggs.
  22. Thanks all... yes.. there's lots to see in our murky and cold waters.
  23. I shoot sometimes with the BB 1x30w LED, which is a very similiar light. Essentially same light specs. Its a pretty narrow beam, but bright. I personally prefer the 1x30W because the light is near neutrally bouyant. The new 1300s is a little negative.
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