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  1. I am looking to purchase an 8" dome port to use with the Tokina 10-17 on an Ikelite housing. Which of the following would you recommend I purchase: Ikelite Modular 8" dome port with 3.5" lens extension kit or the Ikelite Modular 8" dome port with 4.13" lens extension kit Thank you in advance! AMW
  2. Yes, definitely a jawfish. I had this same sort of encounter on a night dive while diving in Raja Ampat.
  3. Fantastic information, Luko and Troporobo! I most definitely will do a top-side excursion to Vanuatu….likely before or after my next Fiji dive trip.
  4. Thanks for the feedback, Troporobo. I agree, Solomon Island diving is quality. It seems as if I will just need to visit Vanuatu for the topside, and leave the diving to neighboring islands the Solomons and Fiji….
  5. Thank you so much for the feedback, Luko!
  6. I am looking for feedback on diving in Vanuatu (beyond only the SS COOLIDGE wreck). Quality of diving? Dive operators? Macro? Reefs? Wide-angle? etc, etc. Thank you in advance!
  7. Back in the day I did the "start with one strobe because I don't feel like buying a second strobe"….and by the next SCUBA excursion I was using a second strobe. Just start with two strobes! Better results and you will be using two sooner or later anyways….
  8. Are batu bolong, tetawa kecil, crystal rock and GPS in the north or South Komodo?
  9. So besides cyclones coming in from Australia and fisherman dynamite bombing the Komodo reefs, it's a fantastic dive destination? Thanks for the feedback everyone!
  10. Thank you for the feedback, Peter!
  11. Can anyone recommend a liveaboard (besides the Shearwater) that regularly visits Tiger Beach in the Bahamas? Does anyone know of a liveaboard that visits both Tiger Beach and Bimini in the same trip? Thanks!
  12. Would anyone NOT recommend that I dive South Komodo in mid to late December? If so, why or why not? Also, what liveaboards have you had good experiences with diving South Komodo? Thank you!
  13. Hello Wetpixelers! I'm heading to Cocos for the first time in September...and looking forward to it! I had planned to utilize my Tokina 10-17 but after doing some research on http://www.uwphotographyguide.com/underwater-photography-shooting-scenarios it seems as if the Tokina even at 17mm might still be too wide of an angle for skittish hammerheads who don't get too close. Has anyone here used the Tokina 10-17 at Cocos and were satisfied with the results, especially of shots taken of hammerheads?
  14. I dove with THE SIX PASSENGERS in 2009. Besides the fact that sometimes they squeeze more than 6 passengers in the skiffs, I do recommend them! The diving in Rangiroa is fantastic...bring a reef hook for you own sanity!
  15. I have been to both Yap & Palau and I like both. I liked the diving at both Yap and Palau. Much better topside on Yap. More diving diversity in Palau. An idea might be to skip Micronesia and go directly to Indonesia where you can get EVERYTHING!
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