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  1. Hello Alcina, I also had many problems with my Inon Flash, not because the flash did not work well but the change from flash brands made it difficult to understand for me. I ruined a holiday with it. I use a Nikon D90 and I have to put the settings on rear curtain in the camera or else I cannot control my flash in manual.
  2. Hello Dave, i have a Hugyfot housings with TTL converter with Nikonos 5-pins.
  3. Hello, After a lot of reading and checking I think I found the answer for my problems. But Inon makes everything to diffucult. Thanks to http://www.heinrichsweikamp.net So I hope that I understand correctly??? Inon Z240 Manuel for Nikon D90 with TTL converter. Move switch1 into M (And choose power with Switch 2) or Full. This for for manuel. Manuel is only possible if you put the camera in Rear-Flash sync mode. If your camera does not fire a pre-flash, ACC must be disabled. The Z-240 supports Nikonos V compatible TTL protocol via sync cable connection. The setting of the Z-240 will be; Main Dial => S-TTL EV Control Dial => TTL (9 o’clock position) Advanced Cancel Circuit Switch => Press and lock
  4. Hello Elmer, I am using a TTL converter ( heinrich) with electrical sync cables? Can you tell me what flash setting you use? It’s for macro work so from 20 cm till about 100 cm distance.
  5. Hello, I changed my Sea & Sea flash for a Inon Z240 and went on holiday to the Red Sea and only had troubles with the Inon. I changed for the TTL possibilities but it seems not to work. I asked around and some say that TTL with Inon does not work well. So I am thinking about changing back. Inon instructions are hard to understand. The correct setting for TTL is according Inon this. Main Dial => S-TTL EV Control Dial => TTL (9 o'clock position) Advanced Cancel Circuit Swit => Press and lock And I had much advice from fellow photographers and sales people but everybody gave different advice. So I am thinking about changing back. So please if there are people with good advice, share it.
  6. Hello Jack, I am no expert but leakage can come from changing pressure from different dephts. So on the surface there is no problem, but after changing depths you can have a leakage due to changing pressure. What the Hugy Check did due to the pressure already in the house is to keep the leakage to a minimum. But again I am not a expert but I like the Hugyfot housing.
  7. Hello John, No i think Hugyfot is nearly perfect. The problem with te port ex was my fault. The Hugycheck saved me. kudos to Hugyfot
  8. Hello, I have a Nikon D90 in a Hugyfot housing of course with the Hugy Check. I was on holiday and my alarm went off after 30 minutes of diving. I saw water in my housing but just a little bit. I went straight to the boat and opened my house and saw some water in my house. Dried it and everything was oke again. Did look good but could not see the problem and again on the second dive the same happened again. Again everything after drying was oke. Look closer and saw that of my port extension a piece was broken. Could not get the extension from the port some weeks before so I used a little bit of force and a little bit of plastic broke off. So always keep your ports and extensions greased well. I am not an expert but I think the Hugy Check saved me two times because of the inside pressure it keep leaking to a minimum.
  9. So if I am correct this means that nobody has the right dome and extension ring for this promising lens??????
  10. Hallo, Has anybody experience with the 10-20 mm Sigma in a Hugyfot Wide angle port WAP-6.611. Can you also show me some photos taken with this combo? Thanks in advance
  11. Not taken in 2010 but still one of my best shots. Was taken in Sharm with D90, Hugyfot and 50 mm Sigma. "cousteau The sea, once it casts its spell, holds you in its nets of wonder forever." www.onderwaterfoto1.nl
  12. My best photo in 2010 taken in Sharm.
  13. Hello, Are there photographers who use the 8-16 mm Sigma underwater and can you show me some photos taken with that lens and tell me what kind of dome you use?
  14. For sure i will invest in a 10-17 mm Tokina or in a new 10-20 mm 3.5 from Sigma. But i also wants a lens like my old 50 mm from Sigma so i was thinking about the 35 mm from Tokina. Because when you put it on a D90 from Nikon its a 52 mm marco lens. So are there people who us this lens and can you please show me some photos or comments about this lens. Good choice or not????????
  15. Well used my new Hugyfot d90 house with new flash from Sea& Sea for the first time underwater. Used only the 50 mm macro 2.8 lens from Sigma but i am not happy with that lens anymore. Because of the crop factor 50 mm is not working out as in the old days. So i am thinking of the 35 mm macro from Tokina as new macro lens. Is this lens a bet ter solution for me ??????????
  16. Well I got my house last week and was planning to go to Mexico but because of the flu there I canceled our trip. We will go to Egypt for diving. We will be there on 27 of May. My setup will be ofcouse the Hugyfot d90 house, port for 50 mm macro from sigma and a Sea and Sea Alpha 110 flash. For me a totally new set up so high learning curve and that’s why on my first trip I only will use this lens. I want to take some keepers home. Got the HugyCheck system and the house looks really very nice. Found some things not working perfect but this was also the problem with my old Hugyfot house. This house is smaller than my old house but more heavy so we will see how this handles underwater. When I am back from my trip I will give more info about the house and camera. Greetings, Chris
  17. Well i used a Hugyfot house with a Nikon F70. Want to keep the SB 105 for its good enough. www.onderwaterfoto.wolweb.nl
  18. Well i use the nikon Sb 105 and its mostly close range. So from 20 cm till 2 meters. I also have a focus light.
  19. What settings do you use for you D90 from Nikon for underwater photography? i use the 50mm lens from Sigma. Chris
  20. But the is the lens 18-55 a good lens to use underwater? And is there anybody who can show me some results with this lens? Chris
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