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  1. I guess it depends on how big / heavy your rig is. For Mikael both options could work as I understand the rig is not that big / heavy. (For me it would be to heavy on land and too bulky underwater.)
  2. Hi Mikeal, I guess you basically mention the two possible options : 1. mount the canister on the housing > make everything floating / neutral with buyoncy arms 2. mount the canister on the belt / strap > instal E/O cord - wet connectors I dive option 2 for all the reasons you mention. Additionally, using the E/O cords gives me also the flexibility to use the video canister for my primaire light and vica versa in case of a failure. Gr, Stephan.
  3. Good morning, Yes it's still available. I'll post pics in the evening. Gr, S.
  4. Due to theft I have a incomplete Amphibico Phenom Z1 for sale. Ideal for parts or for the lens. parts that are for sale : - the Amphibico Phenom Z1 housing missing the mounting plate for the camera (also no manual and the needed XLR cable from Amphibico) - the Amphibico ultra 94° wide angle lens with no scratches or stains from water > perfect optics - Amphibico monitor ACFM 350 (4:3 monitor) - the Amphibico hard case for packing the housing Location Belgium Costs for transport and customs (if applicable) are for the buyer. I'm looking for 1.000 euro kind regards, Stephan
  5. A video I would like to share from this 'project' we were involved. It's a joined video effort and I think it gives a good impression of what mine diving is / can be. Gr, S.
  6. Your absolutely right, 5 minutes is in my opinion indeed the max duration for this kind of "format". I aim always for 4 minutes, which gives me an extra minute for my darlings ;-) The first clip needs "storytelling", and that is the next level / step for the stuff we want to make;-) Thanks for the feedback!
  7. Hi all, We made some cave clips in France last year which we would like to share. Hope you enjoy them. Gr,S. Trou Madame Ressel
  8. I agree, if I get a new OW-housing I'll be looking again for that 'top window'. I use it also all the time. A really good feature which I hope Amphibico will use in further designs.
  9. I use also Lacie. First I had 2x d2 500 GB, but one crashed after 1 one year (no clue why) Now I use a Lacie 2 big Dual 1 TB with no problems so far.
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