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  1. I want to do an underwater fashion shoot. Ive tried it once, but want to do a better job, and have some questions... How do you trigger strobes from above the water? What do you use for a backdrop? Where do you find good wardrobe? Where do you find good models who can do this type of thing? Thanks for your input
  2. trying to decide between Lembeh and Ambon for next dive trip. Been to Lembeh but not Ambon. Would like to try something new, but Ambon seems harder to get to. Anyone been to both? What are pros and cons of each?
  3. Nice site. I really like the easy navigation, and the images to click on to go to the various galleries as you scroll down the home page. Your black and white images of the rays are very nice...
  4. Thanks for your comment. Those mandarins were swimming right up to my port that night. They weren't shy at all. This one rose up above the coral rubble and into the water column so there was nothing behind him. Single fiber optic snoot and rapid fire shutter release.
  5. Here's a few shots from a recent trip to Lembeh. This is my first time posting images, so I'd appreciate any feedback good and bad. Shot with Canon 5D mark 3, Ikelite housing, and 2 Ikelite DS 125 strobes with occasional use of a fiber optic snoot and +5 wet diopter
  6. Land based trip. I dove with Neal Watson.
  7. I went last February. It was a blast! Hammerheads everyday. I don't think you will be disappointed. Here's a video from that trip. I primarily shoot stills, and this footage is just from a go pro on top of my housing, but this is what it's like...
  8. Anyone tried that macro mini lens for the go pro? Is it any good? Looks like you have to use lights with it. Going to Lembeh soon and wanted to try a little video to go along with my stills
  9. I just ordered a fiber optic snoot attachment for my Ikelite DS 125s. I'm wanting to know how to position these strobes. I have 2 arms on 1 strobe. Position both from the side? One above and one from the side? Straight on? I'm trying to minimize lighting the background.
  10. You can't go wrong with Cocos or Galapagos. You'll see schooling scalloped hammerheads. Keep in mind that both of these destinations are liveaboard trips and are usually about 2 weeks. The dive ing conditions can be difficult at these locations. Most dives are deep (100feet or more) and there's current which can be strong. Also, watch the El Niño forecasts. If El Niño conditions are present, you won't see as many sharks. The bahamas, in particular Bimini, are good for great hammerheads in January - March. If you go to Cocos, I recommend any of the boats in the Undersea Hunter group. They are top notch and the diving is done from steel pangas. These are much more stable than inflatable zodiacs that other boats use. I can't imagine riding out to Alcyone at Cocos in an inflatable over all those waves. And getting out of the water... no thanks
  11. www.uscgnews.com/go/doc/4007/2204881/ http://m.news-journal.com/mobile/news/local/longview-chiropractor-missing-after-dive-off-the-bahamas/article_b25f7bbc-0bba-11e4-af3c-0019bb2963f4.html So sad to hear. Sounds like he had done a good bit of underwater photography, so I assume he has a least deascent diving skills...
  12. I have a trip planned at about the same time, and I haven't bought my ticket yet. Thanks for posting this. I was planning on leaving on a Tuesday, but now I may have to stay another day
  13. Anyone been to Bimini to photograph great hammerheads? Which dive operation did you use? My internet search keeps coming up with Neal Watson, but I've never heard anything about them. Any recommendations? Also, is there anything besides the hammerheads to photograph?
  14. Thanks for all the replies. I read one and think Anilao. I read anothe and think Lembeh. I think I'd rather go back to Lembeh, but it's such a pain to get there...
  15. Considering a trip at the end of December. Either lembeh or anilao. Been too lembeh and love it! Anilao seems easier to get to but how does the diving compare to lembeh? Same animals? What's at either location at that time of year. My heart says to stick with a known winner and go back to lembeh, but anilao would be some variety, and easier to get to. Thoughts?
  16. I've tried some photography with a snoot and like the results. The problem is that I've had to have someone aim the snoot for me. Is there a way to use a snoot without help?
  17. THE ARENUI! I went to Komodo on the Arenui last year. Really good macro, reefscapes, mantas, even a few sharks. Plus you get to see the dragons. This boat is the best liveaboard I've ever been on, and I've been on several. It's beautiful. The dive operation is excellent. The food ans service is the best I've ever experienced. I can't wait to go back!
  18. Wait what? You got bitten?! I've do a fair bit of shark diving and have only rarely hear of this, especially not twice by a tiger and once by a lemon. Were you right by the bait? I'm off to,tiger beach in August and hope they haven't developed a taste for neoprene crusted humans
  19. I use the Sola 800 as well and couldn't be happier with its performance. I especially like the red light option, which makes it easier to sneak up on unsuspecting fishies like Mandarin fish.
  20. Thanks Ferg42 and ChrigelKarrer! Y'all just made my day, and my wallet thanks you...
  21. Really? I've always heard people talking about light, light, and more light when it comes to video. Anyway, that's good to hear.
  22. New to video. I'm wondering how much light I need to shoot macro video. I know, I know, everyone always says "as much as you can get." I have a Sola 800 and a Sola 2000 with a Canon 5d mk3. Are those 2 Sola lights enough? I figured that since the Canon 5d 3 is pretty good at high iso, I could just bump the iso to about 800 or maybe even a little over 1000 if I needed it. What do you think? Do I have enough light?
  23. I've been wondering the same thing as I pack to go to Lembeh. I'm taking a gorillapod, but yesterday I bought another tripod at the camera store here in town. It's a meFoto. It is made of aluminum, so maybe it will stand a chance in the salt water. The standard 1/4 inch screw attaches to the tray of my ikelite housing easily. It has a built in in ball swivel thing that allows easy movement. Very stable. It's very compact. I bought it assuming that it may not survive the salt water, but I'm being optimistic.
  24. I'm probably making this more complicated than necessary...
  25. June - September is the best time for hammerheads. Even better in La Nina conditions, and you may strike out in el Nino conditions. A dive a day in the submersible is gonna get expensive. Quickly. I'd take that submersible to the deep deep and photograph stuff most people have never seen.
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