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  1. A scuba diver who want to have a camera and not a photographer describes me exactly so I guess this may be a good option for me. Thanks
  2. Thanks everyone for your advice. I guess it will have to be down to how much I can afford to spend. Another option that is within my price range is the sealife digital flash. On paper it look like it will be more powerful than the nano would you recommend it. Thanks Yoav
  3. Thanks what would you say is the biggest problem. I'm looking for something to improve pics taken with a point and shoot camera if not this one what strobe would you recomand at this price level.
  4. Thanks. What got me a little worried was the fact that this one is significantly cheeper then other strobes from the same category so my concern was that it will turn out to be the kind of product that stop working 5 min after you got it out of the box.
  5. Does anyone has any experience with the Fantasea nano digital strobe. I'm looking for a strobe to go with my compact digital camera (Canon A720IS with canon DC16 housing) This strobe look good on paper and is significantly chipper then any other strobe I could find (200$ with arm, tray and fiberoptic). Does anyone know if its any good. Thanks.
  6. Hi I hope you can help me. I'm planing to buy my very first underwater camera. I'm more of a diver that just want to take pictures on the go than a photographer so I'm thinking of a simple point N shoot camera. Above water I'm using Canon powershot S5 but it seems that a case for it will be more expansive than a compact digital camera and a case. At the moment I'm thinking of going for the Sealife DC600. Is there anyone out there who's using this camera and can tell me if it's worth buying or can you reccomend anther one? Thanks Yoav
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