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  1. These days the South African Navy is very underfunded our subs are still diesel powered. Closest thing to high powered sonar in S.A is a lowrance fishfinder or a guy banging a bucket on the beach.
  2. I was looking for the article , but I did not get past page 3
  3. Very stable footage using a head mount of sorts , in the shadow it can be seen . Is he using a modified gimble or gyro of some sorts? Or just very good technique? Uinta Spring skiing
  4. Great website Gudge ! Tell us a bit more about your fibre optic subal modification. Is it an advantage over hard wired standard sytem?
  5. I remember visiting Guildford Lido for underwater hockey session. Perhaps that swimming pool will be more tolerant. also enquire at Aldershot garrsion swimming pool. know the olympic water ballet practice there
  6. I still love my SB102's - underwater GN of 24 with diffuser - nice big broad lighting, 3 power manual settings.
  7. i believe so, am in Sharm at the moment. Hope the viz stays Aliwal is so dramatic when its like that.
  8. Little magnet- I where is this located .I dont see it on the Z-240 type 3 Thanks for the tips.How would you control the second strobe - I have the option to also sync it to the housing or would one use it on a slave function.
  9. Hi acquired two Z-240 today , I cannot make head or tail of the manual ..I am shooting with a Canon 20D in Subal.I used to use Sea and Sea strobes on manual or two SB102 .Got the Inons as they are very small. What setting do you use External auto (is this sorta similar to TTL in a way) or M0.5-6 (what is this) or full ? Is there a way to switch the aiming light off completly ? I feel really dumb asking these questions With external auto it lseems that you set the strobes dial to the same f-stop as your camera reading? At what distance is this relevant?
  10. Like those ones from Hampshire posting their used sanitary towels !
  11. http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=74037951270 Looks like Ryan has his hands full defending on every forum !
  12. I would like to see an external feed from the live view that makes pole camming and other remote controlling options a practicality.
  13. What is Florida like 30 march to 12 April , I guess it is too late for the manatees. Is it spring break and what effect does it have. I would like to combine some diving with relaxing probably around crystal river and a day to the Studios. And my other favourite pass time some bass fishing. Any suggestions/advice ?
  14. Thanks for the info Alex I see what you mean with interesting subject matter Excellent photos , underwater topography looks barren though . Is it more suited for maco ,it looks like yo had your work cut out with models etc to make the wide angle scenes work?
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