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  1. Jeff, Thanks for the advice. I can't wait to get wet and play with the system. I am used to my Nikonos 5 and waiting to get home before seeing the results.
  2. I just purchased a Canon A570IS, Canon housing and INON D2000s strobe. I have been reading instructions I am wondering what a good starting point would be. Should I shoot AV, TV or manual? If I shoot manual, do I need to add the magnet to the strobe and shoot it manual as well? I have a trip coming up next week and am getting excited to play in the water with the camera. Unfortunately I have not had much time to use the camera on land to try all the options.
  3. Thanks everyone fr your help. It looks like this system will fill my needs.
  4. I currently use a Nikonos V an would like to move into digital. Under consideration is a package with a Canon A570IS, Canon Wp-DC12 housing and Inon D-2000S Strobe. Will I be happy with the quality of photos with this combination? Would the Inon UFL-165AD Fisheye and UCL165AD Macro be worth considering? Does anyone have examples taken with this combination? I have also been looking at the Canon G9 with an Ikelite housing, but it looks like the Inon supplimental lenses may not work correctly with this. Any thoughts out there? Thanks!
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