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  1. What happens to DOF and min focus distance (MFD) if I add a: 1.4x TC Changes in DOF Changes in MFD +2 close up lens Changes in DOF Changes in MFD extension tubes Changes in DOF Changes in MFD thx / Mats
  2. "the best competition is oneself and not the other guy's" How many times has companies failed to survive due to competing against "one self" and not realised it been lapped by competitor not only once but twice. For ex. IMB vs. DELL. Competition is good, with production equipment widely available and cheaper, new aggressive competitors will arrive at the market and set new standards. I love my Aquatica housing. But hearing Jean saying they will do things in there own time tells me I’m not getting the most for my $$. //Mats www.blickstrom.com
  3. Well the Inon strobes can be a pain. I have had some similar experience. Manual seems to work best. Have u experience issues where the strobes fire to aid the camera focus and then when u actually take the photo there’s no power left in the strobe ( no flash). Any idea how to cancel the "pre strobe"? /Mats
  4. I'll try. Thx for the tip. Stil if someone have the info I would apriciate. Planing a dip tomorrow morning. //Matt
  5. Hi, Does any one know how to reasamble the eyepice of a Aquatica 7D housing? There are 2 lenses and 2 plastic rings. The lenses are difrent with difrent curved shapes on eache side. A drawing would be prefered. //Matt edited: 18:50 22/1
  6. The leaver is spring loaded even if you leave it in the wrong position it will first lock in when it comes I position before it always you to operate the switch. I manage to turn the video mode of, if pre set before locking the house, but not to set it back to video mode again. //Mats
  7. Hi. I can't turn on the video recording when the camera is installed. The lever that is supposed to let you swich between camera and video, is more or less stuck. I don't dare to use more force on it. Has anybody experienced the same? Any solutions? //Mats
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