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  1. thanks guys, looks lembeh it is, fall is the best time of year?
  2. We have enough FF miles to fly and go here Atlantis Resort Puerto Galera Philippines, or fly to Bali and do Scuba Seraya for 5 days and then Lembeh Resort for about 8 or 9 days... which would you do? thanks
  3. have to second Scuba Seraya . We stayed there about a year ago and it was great. We had one of the villas and it was wonderful way to enjoy and relax. The dive team there was awesome and extremely nice. http://www.scubaseraya.com/
  4. thanks Anna, came back about two weeks ago from visiting Robyn, Kay, and Tom. I found the Frog fish on our first night dive and was so excited, your pics are amazing!!!!! looking forward to meeting you all one day. Scott and Troy
  5. A couple of weeks ago we drove down to St. Augustine and spent the night with our good friends Kay and Tom, had a lovely dinner and got to meet the kids , Catherine and Joe. The next day we drove down to West Palm Beach to meet with our good friend Robyn, and within a few days, we did everything you could do in the area. Phil Foster Park is the bomb, aka, PFP. It's a muck dive on this side of the world. What an amazing diversity of critters, from batfish, frogfish, octo's, to garden eels. Can't wait to go back. You dive the bridge at slack tide and if you are good on air, you will get at least two hours. This is a great place for a muck stick and macro! tried to post pics several times and it did not work. Go here: http://greatbizarrereefphotos.smugmug.com/...78_UThrc#P-1-20 thanks Robyn, we had a wonderful time. Force E Dive shop was great and also the dive boat, Little Deeper!!!!!
  6. wow, you are getting way too good to talk to the rest of us...hee, hee...love number 2!!!!
  7. I use the 10-17 with a different housing but I love it.
  8. well first of all I didn't know how to see the settings except for on top the screen. So not see to well , I pushed what to many buttons and screwed things up. Other times, seems like I could not get the camera to foucus. Also stupid things like not flipping the flash up before I put it in the housing so that the strobes would fire... Doing a lot of practice topside to learn. so much, sometimes its overwhelming... thanks scott
  9. Steve, you are way to kind, if you only knew the trouble I had uw with the dslr the last time. I have so much to learn about the beast. This was one of the few keepers. Thanks, Scott PS. I want to take some uw lessons but right now the enconmy sucks for the gift industry.
  10. Wow, excellent. I want to go back......wah....
  11. Great pics! sounds like quite the adventure, would love to go sometime. Lucky you!
  12. great report and pics. Hope to see more. Sounds like a great trip. We got to dive with dolphins twice in Bimini a few years back. Diving with the Dolphins
  13. thanks all, i have the cable release and will give it a go. I've never gotten anything close to the pics above. Apprecaite the info. Hope everyone has a safe 4th of July.
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