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  1. Hey! I am selling a: Subal housing for the Panasonic GF2 with the standard flat port for the 14mm lens. The housing was never used, so it is like new. It comes with the Subal packing and the flat port. The normal price is 1290 Euro. My price is 500 Euro. Location is Germany, payment with paypal is possible. Schorsch
  2. Hey! I wanted to buy a Nikonos SB105 flash. Please offer only good working condition. Shipping is to Germany, so I prefer European sellers, because of the tax. Schorsch
  3. Hai! Nobody interested? Why? New Price: 475$ Schorsch
  4. Hai! New Price: 550 $ Schorsch
  5. Hey! I can offer you a Seacam Wideport. You can use it this 20mm up to 35mm lenses. The condition is good, no scraper on the glass, only a few on the shade. Comes with both caps, neopren and plasic. Price new 947 $, my price 620 $ without shipping. Location is Germany. Payment with paypal preferred Schorsch
  6. Hey! Subal announces two new housings: Panasonic GF2 and Panasonic GF3 Details at this moment only in german, sorry. But may be you find out the main informations. Schorsch • Breite – Höhe – Tiefe ca. 160 x 110 x 75 mm • Gewicht ca. 660 g • Gewicht im Wasser nahezu neutral (abhängig von Port und Zubehör) • 1 x Sea&Sea Fiberoptic Port • Leckwarner optisch/akustisch. Anzeige per LED über dem Monitorfenster. • Maximale Tiefe 70 m (120 m auf Anfrage ) • Handschlaufe • Sonnenblende Technische Daten: • Seewasserbeständige Alulegierung aus dem Block gearbeitet, durch HardCoating höchste Oberflächenhärte und Korrosionsbeständigkeit. Alle Teile aus harteloxiertem Leichtmetall, säurebeständigem Edelstahl und Kunststoffen von höchster Qualität. • Abdichtung durch nahtlose Präzisions-O-Ringe. • SUBAL QuickLock Verschlusssystem. Zubehör: Plan- und Domeport für: • Panasonic 7-14 mm • Panasonic 8 mm fisheye • Panasonic 12,5 1:12 3d • Panasonic 14-42 mm • Panasonic 14 mm • LEICA DG Macro-Elmarit 45mm Basisschine für Blitze oder Fokuslampen, mit oder ohne Handgriff
  7. Hey! I took a closer look to the Nikon D7000. I think, it is possible to change a lot of thinks by using the info button. Please check, that you can change with the info button in combination with the multi-controller. May be that helps. Schorsch
  8. Hey! Then the prelude housing came out, I checked the concept for the Canon 60D. First, I thought, that some functions like ISO are not possible. But than, I found out the new concept of Canon with the Q Button. With his button, you can change nearly all thinks. At the Back LCD you can see all important settings. Pushing the Q button, you can chance them directly. That is relatively comfortable. And it works fine with the Canon 60D. And the D7000 should have the same concept. But I can check that as well. I was not able to find a setting, * which I would like to use under water and * which was not possible to change in the pelude 60D housing. And this is the important point. Schorsch
  9. Hey! Take a closer look to the manual of your camera. You will see, that you can change a lot of thinks like ISO or white balance and a lot of thinks more with : front or/ rear dial and the multi-controller Try and and you will find out, that nearly everything is possible. Schorsch
  10. meerseen

    Seacam S180

    Hey! Please ask for pictures via PM. I will send you a few. Georg
  11. meerseen

    Seacam S180

    Hey! I have a Seacam S180 for sale. It has a few smaller sctraches on the Housing, but nothink really importents. No sctraches on the lens/glas. The asking price is 950 Euro without shipping from Germany. Georg
  12. Hey! The housing is still available. But I will not sell other thinks separate. Schorsch
  13. Hai! I will sell the ports and viewfinder only together with the housing. Not separately. Schorsch
  14. Hai! I have had the 5D and now I have a MKII. I would always prefer the MKII. Even high ISO helps you underwater making blue water in greater depth or when using filters. Schorsch
  15. Hey! I can offer you a Seacam housing. It was made for the Canon 5D. A modification by Michael Finger (see mike-dive.de), a specialist for unterwater gear in Germany, modified the housing. Now, the Canon 5D MK II fits perfectly. The housing is in good working conditions. A few, smaller scatters at the body, but nothing important. It was never flooded and technically it works fine. You can use the most functions of the 5DMKII. Even for the video / life-view Mike made an addition button. The following functions will not work: Display illumination Delete button AF-ON Button Multi controller For the rest you will have a button. I can offer you the housing as it is. Only the housing. But, if you need one of the following thinks, I can sell you as well: Viewfinder Pro G Sports finder 45 Grad Front port P 120 for the 100mm Macro Wideport WP for example for the 20mm lens Fisheyeport FP for the 15mm Fisheye Location is Germany. Paying with PayPal preferred. Please ask for more details and pictures. Schorsch PS: Sorry for my English
  16. Oh, interesting news. Kurt has tested the port with a Nikon as well. May be for the Nikon 10,5 or 16 mm you need a small PVL or even it is to fare away from the camera. Or what ever. And may be it fits perfect for the 15mm from Canon. Let me (and the others) know when you find out more... Great. Schorsch
  17. Hey! Very nice pictures. What I am wondering about: This year at the boot (2010) I asked Seacam how to use this port. Kurt Amsler and Harald Hordosch, both told me, that you should use it only for macro. For normal fisheye photos like wracks or even this whale shark you can not use it, because the diameter is to small and you will have soft corners. Now, I find, this pictures is sharp even in the corners. What do you think. Is this port good ennove for normal fisheye-photos? Schorsch
  18. Hai! Sorry. Of course the difference between 5DMKII vs. 1DMKIV. Schorsch
  19. Hai! What do you think about the picture quality at 3.200 ISO and 6.400 comparing the 5DMKII and the 1DIV? Is the 1DsIV better? Or is it nearly the same? Schorsch Edit: 1DsIV to 1DIV
  20. Hey! I am looking for a Seaflash 250 Digital. Schorsch
  21. Hey! The last BOOT (Jan. 2009) in Germany Harald Hordosch presented a new Seacam Mini Fisheye-Macro Dome. I was to busy to check the details, and now, I can not remember the details. And I even can not find informations in the web. Except a few infos at a Belgium site. For example this pic: Has somebody here more informations. It it only for the Fish-eye or do you have to use a 1,4x converter? Thanks for more informations Schorsch
  22. Hey! In indeed, excellent pictures. Great! On more question. Is somebody using the "old" Canon 20-35mm 2,8 L with the WP? It was a very good lens, before the 17-35 2,8 and even the two 16-35mm came out. Has somebody experience? Thanks Schorsch
  23. Hai! I remember your thread a few month (or years) ago here in wetpixel. But has the 15mm FE not more wideangel than a 24mm lens? What about the 17-40mm with the WP? Not good enough or good enough at f 11 or what ever? Thanks for your comments. Schorsch
  24. Hai! Yes, indeed. But it is an old one with the smaller ports. But thanks for the hint Schorsch
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