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  1. Gosdi

    sea&sea setup

    I'm gonna wait to see if somebody wants the housing I'll keep an eye on the thread!
  2. Gosdi

    sea&sea setup

    Hi, Would you sell the macro port separatedly? Regards, Sergio
  3. Hi, would you be intrested in selling some parts only? In that case I'd like to buy the flat port and the extension ring. Regards, Sergio
  4. Weel done Jordi!! I like specially the blenny, the shrimp ande the barracuda, altough every photo is awesome
  5. And, anyone kowns how i use this curves in my D80? please Because camera control pro not acept file .NCP. I need one curve like velvia.ntc Thank's for all and sorry for my english
  6. thank's for your welcome!!! I try to show a few images for a week and i try to learn so much at WP!! And TheRealDrew, your spanish it's good
  7. Hello for all I'm Sergio from Spain (europe) and i'm new in this forum. Sorry for my poor english but i try to speak better day by day. I present myself for a photo taken at a whale tenerife I hope you like
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