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  1. Yeah, I'm about 12 months too late to catch any real interest, at least at any decent price. I'll probably see what eBay has to offer then just keep the whole setup and start over. Email me with which manuals you are missing, if I can find them easily I might be able to scan them if you want.
  2. After about 100 dives with the setup, I've decided to sell off my Canon D60 and Sea & Sea Dx-3060 housing. What I've got: Canon D60 (7k pics, 2 batteries, double charger, all original parts / manuals). Sea & Sea Dx-3060 Housing S&S Compact Dome Port w/ Neoprene Cover and rear port cover S&S Extension Ring (to support Canon 17-40L lens with Dome) S&S Nx Zoom Port (works with multiple lenses including Canon 100mm macro) w/ Rear port cover Zoom gear for Canon 28-80mm lens Zoom gear modified to work with Canon 17-40L lens Body cover for housing Extra o-ring (slightly used) Miscellaneous other bits As would be expected, there's some wear and tear on the housing. The dome port has some minor scratches on the exterior, but nothing you can see in any images. Check out some of my galleries here. Everything from February 2003 on was done with this setup. New the setup and the camera cost close to $6k (did we really ever pay $2300 for a 6Mp camera?). I'll sell either the camera or the whole housing setup or both, but I won't part out the housing. Housing setup - $1500 Camera - $650 Make me an offer, I'm getting ready to move and would like to carry a couple less items. I'll probably list it on eBay shortly if I don't get any response here. Tom
  3. Forgot about the Gates, thanks for that. As for the S&S, it's $6k, and for that price I'd rather just buy a Subal or Seacam.
  4. I still think Ike's the best chance of getting a reasonably priced housing for the 1D, but I think volume is a concern because the housing won't easily fit into the existing housings. I wonder if he'd do it if there were more than 1 or 2 people willing??? Ike, are you listening????
  5. Well, at the risk of being branded an Ikelite dealer (), I'd also second Peter's recommendation for a 20D in an Ikelite housing. Great camera, very functional and reliable housing, and eTTL flash until you are ready to learn to shoot manual flash.
  6. Hope is a great thing Rob, but there's not much chance of it happening. I went through this a few months back when I got the 1D MkII and had zero luck. Ikelite was willing to try but the 1D body is too tall for their largest housing body. Aquatica said they were too busy with other projects. I even looked into UK Germany, and their 1D series housing was about $4k USD and they're generally a more economical brand. That being said, if you find one, let me know, I'd love to hear about it!
  7. Had something similar happen with a DS-125. Email Ikelite and send the strobe back for repair.
  8. I've got Photoshop, that isn't all you need to get. The work he's doing takes talent and practice, which despite my best efforts I can't find in a store.
  9. Out of curiosity, what's the motivation for the question?
  10. Well, I'm biased because I do own the 1D MkII, but I did choose between the 1D MkII and the 1Ds. The MkII is significantly faster both in shutter speed and in writes / reads / etc. I'm not as concerned with the shutter speed as how FAST the buffer clears. Even using a cheap Sandisk card, it's amazingly fast. I also use higher ISO a lot, frequently using 800 and venturing higher on occasion and the MkII is awesome in that regard. The sensor size wasn't as big a deal to me, at least not the 1.3x vs. 1x issue. There's a huge difference between 1.3x and 1.6x and it's been so long since i shot film with an SLR I dont remember what 1.0x looks like. I also don't need 11Mp, I probably don't even really need the 8Mp for that matter, so the 1Ds was overkill. One thing, the MkII is big, and there's no cheap housings for it, which is why for now I'm still shooting my D60 UW. Its also not a "discreet" camera, so be prepared for a lot of "wow, that's a mighty big camera you've got" kind of comments. That being said, I love the camera... Come to the dark side! Wait, shouldn't it be the light size with all those white L lenses???? HTH Tom
  11. Wow, this is an interesting development... What exactly did you do to the base plate to move the camera up and back?
  12. I'd get a CF card, the prices have dropped way down. I got mine probably 2 months ago for about $185 (slow Sandisk). You can get the 2Gb highspeed cards for comparable prices now, or get the slower cards for much less. Just my $0.02
  13. I've got a 2Gb Sandisk CF that primarily lives in my 1dMkII but does work in my D60 as well.
  14. The Sigma 12-24 will work on the D60, the Canon 10-22 will not without modification (not sure what would be involved or if it would work).
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