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  1. These shots are really inspiring. I have recently bought a Canon G9 with Ikelite housing for pool portrait photography. ( I'm an absolute beginner ) I thought I would need a strobe so I splashed out and bought a DS 125. I'm finding the internal flash perfectly adequate for outdoor pool shots. Maybe I can use the strobe for ambient lighting?? Any suggestions??
  2. Hi Giles Thanks so much. That's plenty of info. It's so great that you experienced ones can still find the time to help us wanna bes. Kind regards - Sarah
  3. Thanks again Darren - always got the answers I need!!
  4. Hello Can anyone suggest a decent mask with good vision. the generic one I have seems to fog up constantly. Another basic question - I know - from an absolute beginner! Cheers - Sarah
  5. Thanks guys - I guess it comes down to money (boring when you're trying to be creative)
  6. Hi Can someone tell me the best wide angle setup for the Canon G9 with an ikelite housing? Is there any other lenses I should consider?
  7. Thanks for the advice. Would the Canon G9 be a decent P&S. could someone tell me what attachments I would need. Can i get a wide angle lens for this camera. pardon my ignorance - i shudder in the shadow of all your experience!!!
  8. I was hoping for some advice. I am a DSLR novice and am looking to set up a business photographing the waterbabies and toddlers I teach to swim. I have had conflicting advice from the camera shops I have spoken to and would love some input. I am happy to spend the money to get the right set up and am considering theCanon 40D or 400D. All my shots would be in a swimming pool - usually with lots of natural light ( but not always obviously) so I don't know that I need $2000 (AUD) housings that could take me 50 feet down. Are there any alternatives. also do you guys think i will need strobes or just a normal flash? Is this the right camera? I want to be able to offer a lot more than what a compact can do.
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