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  1. Best Offer...located in USA - Chicago
  2. STILL AVAILABLE: Aquatica Zoom Gear #18696 (used it on my Nikon 12-24mm)
  3. This great housing still available....send offers via PM
  4. Aquatica housing for Nikon D200. This sturdy aluminum housing is in great condition and never flooded. It comes with two Nikonos type bulkheads, a body cap, dual handle/grips, but with no ports. Housing is located in Chicago area. Asking $750 USD or PM with offer. Payment via PayPal, buyer pays shipping and insurance.
  5. Am interested in buying a Nauticam Housing for Sony NEX7 in great condition. Also interested in dual handle Flexitray to fit Nauticam NEX7 housing. PM if interested in selling.
  6. Aquatica 8" Dome is sold! STILL AVAILABLE: Aquatica Zoom Gear #18696 (used it on my Nikon 12-24mm)
  7. Aquatica Macro Port & Port Extension Ring have been sold! STILL AVAILABLE: Aquatica 8" Dome with Sun Shade & Neoprene Cover Aquatica Zoom Gear #18696
  8. Pics of the dome and macro ports available upon request, just send PM with email address.
  9. I used the zoom gear with a Nikon 12-24 so am unable to confirm its use with the 10-24, but I would look to Aquatica for the final determination on gear/lens compatibility.
  10. I've been away diving, but this Aquatica gear is still available.
  11. Selling my Aquatica gear due to changing camera systems - all items in great condition with very little use. 8" dome has a few small marks from light use, but no impact on optical performance. Aquatica 8" Dome Port #18405 with #18480 dome sun shade & #18503 neoprene dome cover: $712 new - asking $525 USD Aquatica AF Macro Flat Port #18428: $350 new - asking $260 USD Aquatica Port Extension #18462: $220 new - asking $165 USD Aquatica Zoom Gear #18696: $99 new - asking $75 USD All items located in Chicago area. Buyer pays shipping & Insurance. Payment via PayPal.
  12. Strobes are sold, but the Fiber Optic Adapters are still available
  13. Must downsize my personal camera setup - all items in excellent condition, lots of TLC and with very little use: (2) Ikelite DS160 Strobes, both come with NiMH Batteries, diffusers, & bulkhead covers (1) Ikelite Charger (2) ULCS 1” Ball Mounts attached Originally $1750 – asking $1200 for the above set and will include a new spare latch kit for free! Also selling (2) Ikelite Fiber Optic Adapters for DS Strobes, Originally $80 each – asking $110 for both All items are located near Chicago, IL Buyer pays shipping & insurance. Payment via PayPal preferred. PM with questions.
  14. Sounds like YS-110 Da Ja Vu Unfortunately, Tusa seems plagued with a condition some might call "premature elaboration"
  15. I love the GBR....my vote goes to the first image as well
  16. Sad is not the word. I reluctantly returned to Peter's shop and he had to pry it from my fingers...... Sieg
  17. A 7 day field test in OZ by a Photographer who is not an Aquatica employee, dealer, etc...........I'll apologize in advance for the long post. This post is a little late due to a catastrophic PC crash (sorry Peter), however, I thought those considering the Aquatica Viewfinder might be interested in my experience with this much anticipated piece of gear. My great thanks to Peter Mooney for his generous offer to take the now famous "production Prototype" (yellow cast) finder out to the Coral Sea for a week of intense shooting with my D200. Without his encouragement and support, I would never have had the opportunity to really shake this thing down before making a decision as to whether this gadget is really worth all the hype & price. Before departing to lead a group trip for a week in the Coral Sea at the end of January, I stopped in to meet Peter as a fellow WetPixel member from Chicago. During that "dry" visit to Peter's shop in Cairns (well worth your time), I was able to get my hands a housing with the Finder to get a real feel for it. There is certainly a bit more protrusion behind the housing and that took a bit of getting used to. I was most interested in the amount of eye relief required to see the full frame, as well as the degree to which one's eye had to be centered in the finder. I don't know about you, but it seems that a number of my images are a response to action and not always planned as well as I would like, and I was concerned that although magnified, I might still have framing issues. I actually found this finder to be fairly forgiving in that respect. But what really made me take notice, was that although I was initially making this judgement above water, Peter also happened to have another excellent housing made by a well known European company complete with their magnified finder with the same lens attached. So I actually had the incredible opportunity to handle them side by side many times over! My conclusion was that althouth both have a similar amount of protrusion, I felt that eye position was more forgiving with the Aquatica finder and didn't need to be centered to the same degree as the other brand and would still allow me to see the entire frame. On a side note, it would be a nice touch to see a rubber covering on the rim of the eyepiece so that it is a bit more forgiving when it comes in contact with your mask as it sometimes will. As for brightness, frankly even though the prototype had a slight yellow cast that the productions models won't have, I felt there was relatively little difference between the two from a practical standpoint when looking thru the same lens on both. In general, I wish they were both a bit brighter, but as I found while shooting underwater in many different conditions, the brightness of Aquatica finder served very well with no real complaints even with the yellow cast. Another aspect that might go un-noticed unless you have the opportunity to work with more than one brand of finder, is the ease of removal & replacement. Understand that with a magnifed finder mounted on any brand housing, there is no way that you could travel with it attached to the housing. The ease of removal and replacement of the Aquatica finder was nothing short of stunning - don't blink! It was on and off in well under a minute witout the need for any special tools. Let's just say that it took a bit longer on the other brand and involved some tools & threads. Both seemed to result in a very sturdy and reliable attachment, but boy was the Aquatica easy to get ready to shoot and then get ready to travel! When I finally got the opportunity to get the whole kit wet - it stayed wet! I used it on about 24 dives, and I can tell you that not only did it perform as well as I had hoped, but I feel that it's use actually improved my images. It took me about 2 dives to adjust myself to the ergonomics resulting from the additional protrusion, but from then on, framing required minimal effort & thought, and I found myself much more able to concentrate on capturing the image and not so much on camera to eye position. One small obstacle that Peter helped me overcome, was that the D200 housing at the time mine was produced, had the "normal" size control knob for the metering selector. Since this knob is located just to the right and very close to the viewfinder opening, it was too tall to allow the Magnified finder to fit. Peter did some "creative maching" and reduced the height of the knob so that the finder popped on with no problem and had enough clearance to still operate the meter selector. My understanding is that this reduced height knob either now comes standard on the housing or is available as a replacement from Aquatica. Perhaps Blake or Jean can comment on this (as for my "custom machined" control knob, the salt has taken a bit of a toll since the finish was removed as well so maybe Blake can help me with a new and improved replacement). While my experience is not a revelation to those of you who have already experienced shooting with a magnified finder. I must admit that I was skeptical based on the benefit vs. cost, but after this experience, I can tell you that if you own, or plan to purchase, an Aquatica housing - you must add this finder to your wish list. Blake and his team have done their homework and have created a high quality accessory with very practical features that performs extremely well in actual use where it counts - underwater! In fact, I believe that the availability of an Aquatica finder actuallly enhances the value of my current system as well as any future Aquatica systems I might own. Like many of you, I have monitored these threads from the point in time that an Aquatica finder at a modest price was just a rumor. This is a great and welcomed product! Peter - thanks again for the opportunity and your friendship, Jean - thanks for your posts and info along the way, and Blake - thanks for listening & making it happen! Cheers, Sieg
  18. I have no experience with Liat, but Caribbeam Star (aka, Caribbean Sun) is awfull - I will never fly or reccomend then again - even to my worst enemy!! I am an outfitter that organizes group dive expeditions around the world. I have flown in and out of many challenging places and faced a number of obstacles and red tape, but based on the EXTREMELY POOR customer service and the general lack of interest we encountered during a trip leg from Puerto Rico to Tortola last August 2006, I will tell you that they have no interest in anything other than revenue!! Although booked well in advance, frequent schedule changes (and in spite of many assurances by their corporate office) ultimately resulted in a connection time of about 55 minutes. Not so bad you say........... Well, because my group was trying to connect and had "less than an hour" before the departing flight, we were all denied boarding! Even though the gate was only a 5 minute walk from the counter, they would rather send the plane half empty than allow us to board even though it was their constant schedule changes that caused us to be 5 minutes under their time limit of 60 minutes. They were quite happy to take our $$, change the schedule several times to give us slightly less than the required 60 minutes of connection time, but would not even talk about a refund! In fact, their supervisor in Puerto Rico was so arrogant, that she would not even help us with suggestions of alternative means to continue our journey. We walked away in disgust and they laughed behind us as we headed to the next airline counter. I went to several other Catibbeam carriers and they were all appalled at the treatment but said it was unfortunately very typical of Caribbean Star/Sun, and they all provided us with help and ideas to get us to the BVI. Not because they had to, but because they cared about customer service and appreciated the fact that we as travellers support their existance. Ironically, upon our return from Tortola to Puerto Rico, the counter staff for Caribbean Star in Tortola could not believe that we were denied boarding and said that as long as the door is not closed, that they at least make an attempt rather than send the plane half empty. It is now mid January of 2007, and I have yet to receive any indication of interest in making this right. Perhaps it's just Puerto Rico, but allow me to give you my blunt opinion......Caribbean Star (Sun) SUCKS and is a poor excuse for an airline!!! So......the moral of the story is that you should always be rational and keep your cool as you problem solve and work your way through a difficult situation. There are people who can help you.....they just don't work for Caribbean Star!
  19. Drew, Do you think this will be better or worse than the old procedure? I always hated waiting in the long bag screening line with the screeners taking a break every 10 minutes and then waiting for there to finally be sufficient bags to your destination to warrant rolling the baggage cart to the counter, and then waiting for a porter to lift your bags onto the scale at the counter (but don't touch the bags else you start all over) in order to just check in...........I hate terminal 4 at LAX !!
  20. I like the composition of #7, but appreciate the colors in the sky of # 1 & 2.
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