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  1. Hi. I just got a Nauticam 5D-RS and I am using it for a 5D MK IV. First I removed a small pin from the baseplate and then I started using it. I see there is an option for a €655 upgrade kit, but after a few dives I have not found any issues using the housing as it is, so I wonder if anyone know the reason for upgrading the housing with the Nauticam Upgrade Kit to Convert NA-5DSR for Canon 5D Mark IV?
  2. The equipment needed depends on what you want to do with your photographing. I guess I all in all have spent about foutrhy hours photographing UW - rugby. Some of hte results are presented here: https://runehaldor.foto.no/cgi-bin/portfolio/layout1/show_kategori_index.cgi?x=1&serieid=7116&brukerid=731&sortorder=2&limit=30&offset=30 If you're taking photos in the surface while the players are exercising, a ewa-marine or similar bag might be completly ok. If you want to swim a bit deeper, a decent underwater housing might be a good idea. A few meters below surface without using strobes manual wite ballance about 9000 K is a good start. If you are taking photos during a match, my experience is that scuba equipment is a good idea. The easiest is to get air fronm an extended regulator with the bottles on land. Normally this equipment is just aviable for the referee, so full scuba equipment is needed. Quite often, I find the side with the best natural light and wait for the one team to attac. Especially male teams are quick and you need strobes to get sharp pictures. It is also a good idea to observe a few matches or to play for a while yourself to understand enough of the game to know when to shoot. Rune
  3. I agree taking pictures of them under water is a kind of risk sport, at least for your equipment.
  4. I had a full weekend of underwater rugby photography. It is enjoyable, but also a bit scary to be in the middle of large, fighting men (wearing too expensive photo equipment). It would be nice to see if someone else have some photos of UW rugby, UW polo or UW hockey. I really do not see them too often.
  5. My experience acording to the standard and the 45 degrees viewfinider is that the image appears larger and brighter in the 45 degrees viewfinter. It is much easier to control lines, composition and focal plane. If you prefer a horizontal trim / diving style, you will also find it easier to look trough the viewfinder. At least my neck feels better with the 45 degrees viewfinder than without. Anyway it is fully possible to make beautiful photos with a standard viewfinder and i still make awful photos with one.
  6. I thinkk the attached image might be my favourite from 2014. Not becauce of the quality, but because it was the beginning of thinking repeating shapes when I'm working with the smallest subjects. Lens: 100 mm with 2 extention tubes + 10x diopter. Full frame. .
  7. The heading "Contests" with content "Coming soon" give an indication of something happening http://wetpixel.com/contests
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