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  1. the only problem with adding shims is that it raises your intermediate pressure thats ok if your spring is at the low end of the acceptable range but if it is already near the high end then a shim will likely put it over the top,just as often it is caused by harmonic resonance over the end of the piston tube and this is much more difficult to get rid of the scuba pro kits come with several different hp seats and generally a mk 25 will have a + seat i have switched to a t seat in alot of these whistlers and it has solved the problem,you may have to adjust the shimming after switching seats to get the intermediate pressure back into spec but your tech should be able to figure that out no prob.
  2. dont bent your lever. i am a regulator technician and i promise that is not the answer, the problem is that your technician screwed in the orifice to far lowering the lever height ,the orifice needs to be backed out until the lever height is appropriate and then if you have a freeflow the spring tension needs to be adjusted to fix that , many techs just screw in the orifice till it stops leaking and call it good, i would absoloutely take it back and have them adjust it properly,also check the breathing resistance on a magnahelic it should breathe at about 1.5 or so inches of water anything over 2.0 is too much resistance for a primary second stage but 2.0 to 2.5 is okay for a octo.if he cant get it right have him call scuba pro for advice their tech support should be able to guide him through adjustments and what to replace if it is out of spec.
  3. thanks for the replies guys ,image quality is definitely important to me but im not sure what others consider acceptable.but i definitely want sharp focus, sounds like the only real option however is the kenko,or to buy more than one tc.i think ill probably try the kenko and see what the results are like , I can always ebay it if i dont like it. thanks again for the responses.
  4. hey guys im hoping someone can help me with some tc questions, i am looking to add a tc to my aresenal but am confused as to which tc will work with what lenses, the main lenses i am looking to use it with would be the tokina 10-17 nikon 60mm micro and the 105 mm vr micro, when i look at these lenses on the compatibility chart it seems there isnt a tc that will work with all of them, but then when i read posts here doing research it seems there are people useing the tc with all of these lenses, so my question is to those of you useing a 1.4 tc with these lenses can you tell me what brand and model it is that will work with all of the lenses i mentioned. thanks in advance for any help you might be able to provide.
  5. Reef and Rainforest is the best. Jenny has been arranging my travel for several years now, and she always make things go as smoothly as possible,iv'e been on at least half a dozen trips in the last couple of years from the solomon islands to indonesia the phillipines and png , all she has always made things easy for me all transfers are arranged layovers are always well thought out with nice hotels if needed,and she always books me in great resorts or liveaboards ive never had a big disapointment with R+R.i now consider Jenny a friend as well as a travel agent,she has been a great help in making the most enjoyable part of my life that much more enjoyable.
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