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  1. Thank you Ellen, You are right, it's not the answer I wanted to hear, but it is the answer I expected. Thank you for the advice on how to minimize the effect. It also makes me very wary of taking my Canon underwater, we use it top side for so much. So on that note, what recommendations do you have for compacts?
  2. Hello everyone and thank you to Wetpixel for this website. I am learning so much. Last year my children gave me a SeaLife DC600 camera, housing, SL970 24mm wide angle lens, and SL961 digital pro flash. Over the past year my husband and I have taken some not so great shots and some pretty good ones as we learnt what the camera could and couldn't do. Even with careful maintenance and always checking the O ring the housing flooded last month and destroyed the camera. Is flooding just part of underwater photography and to be expected? We also have a Canon Eos 30D that we love. We would like to know if we should just replace the DC600 camera, buy a completely different compact digital set up or make the jump and outfit the Canon? We currently live in Egypt and usually dive one weekend a month. We are not looking to be professionals but want good pictures. We look forward to your recommendations and thoughts on this. Thanks.
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