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  1. Thanks for the pictures. They reminded me of our dive show in March in NJ. We have done business with Ryan from Reef Photo & we know Berkley from the Digital Shootouts in Bonaire. Our dive show is always fun. I'm glad the other shows had good turn outs too.
  2. We'll be @ the show Friday & Sat. Looking forward to it.
  3. Are there new security rules for carry on bags? I hear that some air lines are not allowing carry ons when returning to the US. What are people doing with lap tops, cameras etc on returning to the US? What are people experiencing now? I'm trying to plan for a long trip.
  4. I want a sticker to put on my dive log book with my other stickers.
  5. NY Underwater Photographic Society.org and their monthly meetings.
  6. We'll be @ the show @ least Friday & Sat.
  7. Looking for info on Young Island in St. Vincent. Looking for info on travel, resorts, diving, etc.
  8. We stopped by the booth & did our renewal. For our pictures from the dive show this weekend, look @www.Bonairetalk.com - Trip report - Beneath the Sea '08. You will know a few people in the pictures! We had a good time this weekend! We visited all the booths, Reef, camera booths, talked to Berkely from Backscatter & Dan from Light & Motion etc. Take a look @ the pictures! Enjoy!
  9. We went last year & had a good time. Met new people, enjoyed learning from others & delt with new challenges.
  10. Bonaire has too many great dive sites. Up north I like Country Gardens & Rappel. Salt Pier is great day & night but you have to plan ahead & hire a local DM. Klein has great dives such as Forest, Rock Pile, Nearest Point etc. Carl Hill has a mini wall. The big wreck, The H Hooker, is a must. Dive the East side with Larry on his boat. It's an experience! There is too much to see in Bonaire!
  11. Drew, for one pod cast, Mike & Mike, from the Jim Chuch's School, on one trip had each of the students on the Aggressor say a little about themselves, their camera etc and why they choose a certain pic as thier favorite. It was a lot of fun doing it as well as a good learning experience.
  12. I ordered two copies. I'm going to give a copy to the manager of Divi Dive Bonaire where the Digital Shootout was held in June '07. Here I met J. Watt, Eric, B. White, etc. We had a great time & I think this issue will be appreciated. I will see many people @ our dive show, Beneath the Sea, in NJ @ the end of March.
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