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  1. Recently camped overnight in Ras Mohamed Park and got some nice shots. Used an E300 with oly 50mm lens and sigma 105mm lens. Fragile discodorid Bulbous hydatina Juvenile lined wrasse Squat lobster on soft coral - look very similiar to the crinoid squat lobster Lionfish yawning
  2. Spend a wonderful day in Nabq Park, Sinai, Egypt. Used an Olympus E300, sigma 105mm lens, FL20 and DS 50 strobes. First time to see for me maybe Balanophyllia sp.? White banded cleaner shrimp Gorgonian gobies Durban dancing shrimps Peppered moray Finaly put on my 14mm with wide angle adapter and snorkeled in the mangroves to get this snowflake moray.
  3. Yes Tim if you are able to rent a car and get some tanks you could literally dive Ras Mohamed from shore everyday. Campsite has 6 different sites - untouched, then you also have Quays (very underrated), Shark Observatory, Eel garden (only calm conditions), Jackfish Alley (only calm conditions) and Anemone city. However if you get a car you can also visit Nabq - subject to calm conditions you will have access to about 8 different sites including a wreck - the maria schroeder. Cheers
  4. Excellent shots! First one is great!
  5. Thanks for the positive comments. Finding good dives in Sharm is getting more diffucult. However if you search a bit, you are able to dive some pristine dive sites. The campsite dive sites in Ras Mohamed is only accessable by shore and no boats ever go there. Also not many know about them. Driving from Sharm you are looking at least 30 minutes travel time to reach them. It is possible to arrange overnight camping which is very nice. If you are in search of something realy special head out to Nabq Park. Located at the most northern end of Sharm, the Nabq park starts... Here you will find pristine corals, the most northerly mangroves in the world, reefs mixed with seagrass fields. Very special and no other divers. I have done many dives here and have almost never seen other divers. Have some examples below:
  6. Some realy nice compositions. Liked your boat, sunbust and reef shot!
  7. Did a shore dive at the campsite in Marsa Bareika, Ras Mohamed Park. Used a sigma 105mm lens, DS50 and olympus fl20 strobes for the photos. Fire glossodorid Yellow lip chelidonura Juvenile "Red tooth triggerfish"? Lionfish close up
  8. I am using an ikelite DS125 with slave sensor. Strobe worked fine on last dive. I recharged the battery back and now the strobe doesn't fire. The modeling light is working fine, fuel gauge shows full power, but strobe ready light doesn't go on and strobe doesn't fire. I did not drop the strobe or flood it. The strobe ready light blinks for a mili second when I switch it from "strobe on" to "strobe on with model light". I don't hear the strobe charging up either. Has anybody had the same or similiar problem and know how to solve the problem without sending it back to ikelite? I have already used the modeling light to enable me to recharge the battery pack, changed the slave sensor (I have a ds 50 as well), connected a single ikelite cord to the strobe as well and short the wires as per the manual description but no luck... Any help will be appreciated Cheers Nikki van Veelen
  9. Thanks for the comments. Ultimately what I would have liked to do: was create the same idea when photographing a river or moving water at a slow shutter speed - to get that liquid effect. However the seagrass is not moving very fast. So I found by using anything faster than a 1 sec I did not have much movement at all. I would have liked to even go slower with a 2 second etc, but my aperture was already maximum at F22 - so 2 sec etc was getting over exposed. Adding flash would have stopped the "liquid effect" (I did have a two flashes with me which I switched off for these shots) I think having a stable strong non-moving base (e..g. nice coral pinnacle) in the photo is very important to show that the image isn't because of camera movement. For the next try I will maybe go late afternoon when less light is available to get even slower shutter speeds. Cheers Nikki
  10. Whenever I dive on reefs with seagrass, one always see the seagrass moving from side to side in the swell. However when you take photos using flash etc you loose this. In the two images below I used an olympus e300 with no strobes 14mm-45mm lens and 0.25 adapter in a pt-e01 housing. I used a very slow shutter 1 second and F22 on both. I did almost no editing except for color balance and cropping on the 2nd image. Photography is very subjective - so did the result below bring the "movement factor" into the shot or does it just look like a blurr....? Thanks for your opinion - good or bad.
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