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    I'd be interested in having a quick call this afternoon to discuss. Have a couple of basic questions... Can you give me a call at 407.242.0975 anytime this afternoon? Thanks!
  2. As tempting as it is to include one of the memorable pics of Alex shooting pigs in the Bahamas, I opted otherwise. I include this shot, because the it was a 3-tank day above and beyond what I had ever encountered off West Palm before. Schooling Goliath Grouper turned the Mizpah from an OK day dive to an amazing experience, with massive schools of cigar minnows that could change the viz in seconds as they engulfed you.
  3. Without USB, it's not clear how easy it will be to hook up to an external hard drive and to move files around. I suspect it will sync via iTunes just as iPhones do today, which is fine for Apps, Music, etc., but if you fill it up with a week's shots and then want to move the images into another computer/hard drive for editing, archiving and storage, it seems like it will be a multi-step process and a bit of a kludge. Would have also liked to see support for peripheral devices (DVD player) like the Macbook AIR, but as it's running iPhone OS and not MAC OSX, this is probably not feasible. I'll probably end up with one anyways, but I don't see this replacing any of my existing devices, other than a future Kindle purchase, perhaps.
  4. Marcus - There's another WetPixel thread that discusses this in detail. I think you'd agree that none of the divers on our Oceanic White Tip trip was threatened by any of the sharks, despite there being up to 8 in the area. Jim's briefings are pretty clear about interacting with sharks - splashing on the surface as the unfortunate snorkeller would have been doing would be considered a "No, No", especially if there were others feeding/baiting sharks in the area. We all know that sharks are aquatic carnivores, and opportunistic feeders. It is unfortunate that incidents do occur, but given the number of people recreating in oceans around the world, the number of incidents is exceedingly small! Martin
  5. [ On our trip Martin took off a orange DSMB that was clipped to his BC because he was getting too much attention. This definitely reduced the attention he was getting. Alex As the "Martin" in question, I can attest to the apparent level of interest taken by the OWTs when I had the DSMB clipped to my BCD. Anecdotal, for sure, but Jim Abernethy's Rules are pretty explicit - no bright colours, no uncovered skin. The briefings are even more explicit - don't stay on the surface. Unfortunately, snorkelling around OWT's breaks at least 2 of these rules. Hard to place blame, but definitely a tragic accident.
  6. While my pics pale in comparison to those of Jim, Alex, Marcus and Jeff, it was a great trip. As Jeff mentioned, blue water diving/photography is very different than at Tiger Beach. Being neutral is key, and because Jim is not shy about telling you the surface is a bad place to be, being slightly overweighted is natural. All in all, it was a fantastic week, notwithstanding the weather. We saw everything we came to see, and more. Jim was Jim. The crew was fantastic - I might have even gained weight due to Mike's cooking (no mean feat!). It is a long trip to/from the main dive sites, so anyone signing up for the trip must realise that 4 days are effectively "travel days", and while the crew does a great job of trying to break things up (pigs, iguanas, dolphins), these are non-shark days. I'd also say that I was very glad to have done Tiger Beach before and gotten somewhat acclimatised to large sharks. This particular trip would have been more nervewracking if I was a total shark newbie! Thanks to Alex for leading the trip, and JASA for (another) trip of a lifetime!
  7. Very sad day for Jim Abernethy and everyone else at JASA...Obviously for the family of the diver as well. Hopefully more details emerge regarding the accident, and that it's determined that it was just that, a tragic accident. Jim and his crew have done more to de-mythologise sharks for more people, myself included, and it would be a shame if this was sensationalised to the point where Jim was compelled to stop taking people to Tiger Beach. As for myself, I'm going to book my second annual trip on-board the Shearwater for this summer!
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