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  1. Hi yes ist tru me oly camera crop 2 so its doubel the focal length regards kent
  2. hi you all happy new diving year trying to get me som new macro lens to my olympus E410 The lens am thinking about is SIGMAEX1502.8 dg apo or sigma 1052.8 dg. IS this godd lens if you comper to olympus own lens ho is sigmas lens working whit olympus camera regards kent
  3. Hi try to get the o-ring in to the groove then put som grease on it and check the housing in a sink or pool if you can for leak rember this you dont have to take out the o-ring after every dive for inspection. let the o-ring stay in the groove and ckeck it if the o-ring is clean from sand dirt hair hope this hint going to help regards kent
  4. HI goning to Porto de galinhas/brazil in mars for 2 veeks of vaccation and diving have try to find good and nice divecenter ho offer dive trips but it hard and ther is not to mutch english spoken websites for about diving. So come on please help me out regards kent
  5. kento


    Ikelite housing for olympus camera model E400. E410.E420 FLATPORT for olympus 35mm macro lens (brand new) synkcabel for Inon strobe spare o-ring grease. 2 st of handels inkl free domport becuse of scratch on the dom.p only being use of 5-10 dive 900 us contact by E-Mail FOR MORE information regards kent
  6. Hi thanks for your hints and help take care regards kent
  7. HI lot of member from florida on wetpixel so you might have som good recommendation for best diving in florida divecenters budget hotels fodd m. ect have read about key west the diving looks good ther mvh kent
  8. Hi should a remowe my shade on my ikelite domport 6" my idea is to avoid shadows from my shade when am using focus light ???????????? can"t have my focus light strait forward becuse lack of hotshoe so a have it a littel bit to the right 3-5 cm) (right or wrong have to give it a try my second toght about to remove the shade is to let more natrul lights so the camera can focus more easy suggestions hints hola kent thanks kent
  9. Hi You all looking for recommendations of this 3 lamps for focus lightning have this on my mind 1 Sea& Sea LX 15 2 Fisheye fix light HG20DX 3 Fisheyefix DX48 If you have to choise witch best options for macro shooting regards kent
  10. HI Have Inon ball arms And Ultra light Handel on a ikelite tray regards kent
  11. Hi nice a whant it to but can"t get tripel clam in sweden thanks kent
  12. Hi You all Need som suggestion hints for focus light on an ikelite housing whit out hotshooe ho can mount it thanks kent
  13. Phil yes is try olymopus has small wiewfinder vs nikon and canon but is very clear and bright . yes a have try out the rig out of the water have allso set the diopter on my cameras wiewfinder if that you mean as you say any new system take som time the macro 50mm look very nice going to have it and allso planing to uppdate 12-60 lens that looks very nice to phil trying to load upp som image here but does not work to big files?????? thanks again regards kent
  14. Hi yes the camera is outstanding top side using my camera every day so camera is fine kent
  15. Hi Phil yes agree have alot to learn and work whith but when a using the wiewfinder its look like a wiew tru a tunnel or pipe and lack of magnifier .Have try out whith rubber cup and whith out rubber cup allso its hard to see if the camera has focus on a object about my toghts to remove the shade was to let more ambient light to hit the camera for easy focus best reards kent
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