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  1. What's a reason for sale? Where are lights located? THX Michal
  2. What kind of flash bulkheads? Just optical? Michal
  3. Is a stuff still available or sold already? I may be interested. Michal
  4. Would you sell the kit without camera and lens? What would be asking price in such case? THX Michal
  5. Searching for used (... or new @ good price) Ikelite DS160 or DS125 sub-strobes (or strobe head only). Only in good = fully functional, never flooded condition. Ikelite-to-Ikelite Dual-Sinc cord (#4103.52) needed too. PM me at: michal.dolinek(at)gcegroup.com Michal
  6. My reality can be a bit different caused by slightly different lens position inside of Ikelite dome. It seems I will have to really make my own try&fail experiment procedure. But thanks anyway for reply and BTW - great photos, I am jealous. Michal
  7. My first entry here on Wetpixel forum and zero reaction - not extremely encouraging I have to say. Or really nobody use that rig configuration? Michal
  8. Similar topics for sure discussed thousand times before here but I did not find clear answer - does anybody use Ikelite 6" Port + Tokina 12-24 combination? Lack of the corner sharpness of similar WA lens was reported many times here. Is +4 diopter (... carefully suggested in Ikelite booklet) a total must or a significant improvement at least? And if so, is the length of Tokina 6" port enough or should it be extended somehow to match nodal points? Personal experience is warmly welcomed, I can hardly implement all those theoretical calculations cross-referred here and simply do not have time for my own pool R&D procedure. THX Michal - the DSRL greenhorn ____________________________ Sorry for my English broken a bit
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