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  1. Greetings from Lockdown in London.  I'm pretty sure I joined this community way back but have never had the time, until now, to actually participate in any discussions. That thing called work, you know, keeps getting in the way :) 

    Well my name is Joss Woolf and I have been taking pictures since 2004.  I joined the British Society of Underwater Photographers  (of whose members' work I was utterly in awe) in the days when we were still shooting with film, and now I take quite an active part in its operation. I help to organize the speakers for our monthly meetings which used to take place at University College in South Kensington, London but, of course, are now online, having been unable to meet up in person since March. But this has proved to be quite successful, attracting far more people than were ever able to physically meet up in London.

    I also help to produce a glossy magazine called "in focus" which is crammed with our members' images and articles which they contribute, free of charge. Until this year, it was actually printed but for the time being it is produced digitally.

    I have a Nikon D500 in a Sea & Sea housing and am about to take a leap and buy a pair of Retra Pro strobes. They are so nice and shiny!  I thought I might be able to read about them on this forum.   have been using a YS250PRO which I absolutely love and have used it as a single strobe for a long time. I also have a pair of Inon Z240s which I have always taken with me as a back up.

    The only diving I've been able to do this year, due to the travel restrictions, was four days with the seals at Lundy Island in August. Let's hope it won't be too long before things get back to normal.

    I organize a two week liveaboard trip to the Red Sea every year and also love to go to Bali or Manado.  You can't beat Indonesia.

    Well, I shall enjoy meeting you all and look forward to chatting soon.  And who knows, maybe I can even recruit one or two of you to come and give us a talk at BSoUP!



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  2. The HSM version of the lens is quite wider compared to the non-HSM one, so I doubt the same gear will fit. At least, the Ikelite gear for the non-HSM does not fit at all. In fact, for the HSM version there's no gear, so I had to build it myself...

    Hope this is not the case with S&S...




    Many thanks for your reply. I'm surprised not more people are in this situation. :) So I will simply take this lens along to the housing supplier and see what can be modified. I will let everyone know what happens. (if you are interested!)




    sea wasp, sea slug, hermit crab, whatever!

  3. Ok, I have the 17-70 now in my S&S housing. It needed an extension 40 and an extension SX to fit behind my Athena dome at all zoom ranges. There is no vigneting at 17mm.

    I used a Nikon 18-35mm zoom gear which needed quite a bit of filling to fit! Next time I'll check what they are made from before I buy, I was expecting to file a plastic gear only to find it was made of a rather nice peice of Alu! I felt pretty bad butchering it with a dremmel!


    I really like this lens top-side and a few test shots in a pool look very promising and sharp.

    I'm going to dive this setup tomorrow and post some shots.




    Hello, I see that you have had your Sigma 17-70 for some time now. I have just bought a S & S housing for D300 and the Sigma lens (on someone's recommendation) Nikon mount, and HSM. Would you still recommend the zoom gear for the 18-35 or has something better materialised in the meantime? :P

  4. Many thanks for the reply. It seems that the HSM is the one I have bought. Do you happen to know if Sea and Sea have made a specific zoom gear for this lens?




    Sea Wasp (it seems someone chose this name for me! Can't imagine why)




    18716 is for the Standard version


    18719 is for the HSM (Nikon only) version


    Given the choice I would go for the HSM, faster focusing, i'm actually very impressed by this lens (in both version), very good close up, fair angle of view, very good scouting lenses IMO and might just end up getting one for my underwater stuff.


    I'm pleasantly surprised by the selection of lenses from third party companies such as Tokina and Sigma, in their quest for finding lenses that are different than the Nikon & Canon offering, they often end up with the "must have" lens for the underwater photographer. case in point I seriously doubt that the Tokina design bureau had us in mind when they designed the 10-17 and yet a good chunk of their sales are atributed to us.

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