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  1. OK I'm not that up on the differences between the housings, so can someone help me ? Do either of the aluminum housings allow true ttl or are they both triggered by fiberoptic cable? I thought the ikelite was not triggered by a fiberoptic cable, but triggered electrically?
  2. Any opinions on a Canon G9 with Ikelite housing vs. Sea&Sea DX-1G? My Sea&Sea 8000 died - question of whether to spend much repairing or upgrade. I do have the YS-27 strobe but I assume this will also need replacing if I go to the Canon since I can have true TTL. Thanks for your info and opinions in advance.
  3. I have had a Sea & Sea 8000 for three years now. It has been ok - has some issues with design, but every camera has good and bad to it. Now (in the bahamas of course, halfway through a trip!!!) the S&S will only turn on, not open the lens cover, and then shut off when I try to do anything else. Tried new batteries, new settings, etc. nothing helps. Was not able to get any pictures of a great area today, huge ray, etc. So if I was looking for a new digital u/w, forget the $$$, what would people suggest? I am not interested in doing SLR u/w - I know the advantages and love all my canon stuff for the surface, but too stupid to use SLR u/w and don't want to risk ever flooding that stuff. Looking for suggestions....... Thanks
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