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  1. Hi Davide Thanks you for taking the time to share your concerns and it is not just you, rest assured. The visual presentation of 'our world' has never been so poorly and so ignorantly produced by most TV productions including those that started out with the best of lofty intentions. I totally agree with you that they should not be classed as documentaries and I would go a step further and put most of them in the, to use a modern term, 'fake news' category. Unfortunately I don't think there is a solution except to not watch them and hope falling viewing figures will get the point across or, in a positive dream, people power would win if the producers and camera operators refused to take part but that is obviously highly unlikely. To SWink I applaud your faith in our beloved BBC and the legendary Sir Attenborough but their natural history heyday, and his, were in a different era of intelligently financed talent. We face a future where dumb, mediocre is all we can afford. In the meantime, like dwellers in the shadows (shallows?), we must stick together, keep the dream and savour servings such as Lauren Ballesta and Blancpain's ray of hope.
  2. Unfortunately I never had the pleasure of meeting him but I heard a lot about him and followed his achievements in the credits. I feel that we have lost a gentle force and I can only hope that his inspiration will fill the void that he has left. My condolences go out to his close ones at this time.
  3. I'd be interested if the space is still available.
  4. Hi Bob I have a Nauticam GH2 housing for sale with fisheye and 7-14 ports. I'm leaving for DEMA tomorrow from the UK. E mail me at peter@uwpmag.com for more info
  5. OOOO yes please, yes please! Yellow is the new black :-) Feel free to e mail me re a sale. I don't seem to get auto e mails about new posts. Many thanks Peter
  6. Hi David Thanks for the links but I'm sorry I have mislead you. The connector I'm looking for is the one inside the housing which plugs into the AV Out connector on the camera. peterbkk I would love to visit Sim Lim Tower but suspect I would come away with excess baggage and no money for the mortgage :-)
  7. Hi all Apologies for lurking and only posting when I need something but I'm trying to find a right angle AV out connector which came with the Sony A1 Amphibico housing for use with an external monitor. Mine's faulty and I can't locate a rt angle one. I look forward to hearing from you with fingers crossed. Best wishes
  8. Hi all Lurker Rowlands here. I've discovered this post late but am glad I did as I've just downgraded (size-wise) to a Sony NEX-5 and was amazed the video files wouldn't flow seemlessly into FCP. I tried ClipWrap but for some reason (could have been me) there was still a problem using the clips in FCP so I looked around and found Aunsoft MTS Converter www.aunsoft.com/mts-converter-mac The files end up smaller than the original but the quality, to my eye, looks identical. It's only $29.99 but if you want a desktop and a laptop copy you have to buy 2. I was very grateful to Eric for starting this thread and hope the above helps. Best wishes Peter Rowlands
  9. Hi Alex, the good Doctor, alerted me to this post as I don't keep an eye on the forums as much as I should do. The magazine was booted off its previous host provider as we were using too much bandwidth so I looked around for an economic alternative. I found www.servage.net who offered up to 3000gig of bandwidth per month which was way in excess of our needs but I suspect that there is something in the small print that says "3000gig but not all at once!". I have had about 40 e mails reporting the same problem and most of these were solved by downloading again presumably when no one else was downloading. The host provider doesn't have a telephone line (apparently) so I reported the problem by e mail and was told that upgrading to a new service (surprise, surprise) would solve the problem. I'm looking into this as it is in readers best interests to be able to download UwP easily and also for me not to have to reply to e mails about problems! If any of you have experienced difficulties downloading issues of UwP, I apologise and hope that you were eventually able to download and that it has not spoiled your enjoyment of the magazine. best wishes Peter Rowlands
  10. Hi all and especially scubamargie Many thanks for all your help and suggestions. I've just signed up with www.servage.net and we'll see how it goes Best wishes Peter Rowlands
  11. Hi Simon Sorry to hear you had a similar problem. The small print makes interesting reading. FYI here's the small print from www.servage.net Some web hosts claim that they offer unlimited or unmetered bandwidth. Bandwidth and traffic cost money and tie up server resources, so if any host truly offered unlimited bandwidth at any price they would not be in business for very long. If you read their Terms of Service, you will find the following language or something similar: "If at any time the Customer’s website generates enough bandwidth usage to affect the performance of other customer sites on the server, we reserve the full right to terminate the Customer’s domain name without refund." I'll follow up on your other suggestions and keep you posted. Regards Peter Rowlands
  12. Hi Eric and Cor As you know tracking is important as it quantifies the exact number of downloads which is useful information for potential advertisers. If I were an advertiser I would be detered if this information was not available. I'm not really up to speed on a lot of web technology and am not sure what torrents are. Is it where several people have bits of the pdf file for downloading? I only had something like the latest six issues on www.uwpmag.com. The rest were downloadable from other websites of mine and didn't generate bandwidth problems. Re the other hosts recomended (Servage and Powweb), I have e mailed their sales depts with the bandwidth requirements but have, as yet, not had any replies. I'll keep you posted as to progress. Best regards Peter Rowlands
  13. Hi Eric That's exactly what my host did to me (and refund either). They won't even let me put up a home page to explain what's happening. Needless to say I'm looking for a new host for UwP and you're absolutely right about the small print! The sales dept say "There's no limit" The fine print is not quite as generous! I'll keep you posted Regards Peter Rowlands
  14. Thanks scubamargie I've e mailed them and will let you know how I get on Regards Peter Rowlands
  15. Hi Luiz and Paul Thanks for the link. It looks very promising. I'll follow it up and will keep you posted Best regards Peter Rowlands
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