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    Canon 400D
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    Sea & Sea DX-400D
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    Sea & Sea YS-110 + YS-90
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    ULCS strobe arms
  1. Hi, This is the official after-movie of the workshop weekend with Alex Mustard in Zeeland (Netherlands) from 6-8 of August 2010.
  2. Hi Steve, All the pictures are taken with my old Canon 400D in a Sea & Sea housing. Wide Angle with the Tokina 10-17mm fisheye and macro with the Canon 60mm or the Sigma 105mm. Greetings, Glenn
  3. Hello, This the first time that I'm posting some work of me on Wetpixel. I've updated my website with a few new gallery's and some published articles and covers. Below a few teasers. All the rest on: www.gdw-onderwaterfotografie.be Comments are always welcome! Greetings, Glenn. Baby shoot: Red Sea - Hurghada (diving with Blue Paradise): Bonaire: ENJOY!
  4. For sale: Canon 400D body + Sea & Sea housing DX-400D Both in good condition. I sell this because I'm shooting now with Canon 7D. Very nice first DSLR camera and housing! Price: 1000 euro / $1.437 (excl. shipping costs) Mail: glenn at gdw-onderwaterfotografie dot be
  5. More: http://evaenkevin.gdw-onderwaterfotografie.be Enjoy! www.gdw-onderwaterfotografie.be
  6. New price!!! Sea & Sea housing Canon 400D (no ports): 1345$ Canon 400D camerabody: 522$ Both together: 1789$ (+ shippingcosts) More info: glenn dot dewilde at telenet dot be
  7. Are there already some rumors or a confirmation that Sea & Sea will release a housing for the Canon 7D? And if yes, when?? I've ordered a 7D and like to take it underwater a soon as possible!
  8. I hope to see a new Sea & Sea housing of the new Canon 7D. Or at least an announcement by Sea & Sea about this housing!
  9. Do you sell the housing seperate? Maybe together with the TTL converter?
  10. The only part I sell separately is the housing and the camerabody. If someone is interested: new for price housing + camerabody >> 1400 euro (or $1,955)
  11. Now also seperately available (only the items below): - Sea & Sea housing for Canon 400D: 1200 euro - Camera Canon 400D: 400 euro Interested? glenn dot dewilde at telenet dot be
  12. For sale: Camera: Canon 400D (incl. 3x battery/charger/belt/batterygrip/2x CF 2GB) Lenses: Canon 18-55mm / Canon 60mm macro / 10-17mm Tokina fisheye / Tamron 18-200mm / INON macrolens UCL-165 Housing: Sea & Sea DX400D with built-in TTL converter (http://www.seaandsea.jp/products/digital_slr/dx400d/index.html) Ports: Sea & Sea Compact Wide Port L (for 18-55mm) Sea & Sea Compact Macro Port S (for 60mm macro) Sea & Sea NX Fisheye Dome Port (for 10-17mm fisheye) NX Compact Macro Port Base (for Wide and Macro Port) Special port to mount the INON UCL-165 macrolens (http://www.athena-opt.com/s_snew_e.html) Strobes: Sea & Sea YS-110 Sea & Sea YS-90 Duo Incl. oplaadbare batterijen / batterijlader / Dual Sync. Cord Arms: 2x 30cm Ultralight Buoyancy arms 2x 20cm Ultralight Buoyancy arms 6x Clamps Focuslight: Fantasea Nano Focus light incl. arm en hotshoe-mountbase. (http://www.fantasea.com/s.nl/it.A/id.92/.f?sc=2&category=496) Price incl. case (http://hprc-usa.com/2600w.htm) and all serviceproducts: 4200 euro (excl. transportcosts) Contact me on: glenn dot dewilde at telenet dot be More info on: www.gdw-onderwaterfotografie.be
  13. Hellow uzun, Is this kit still available? Please, let me know by mail: glenn dot dewilde at telenet dot be Thanks!
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