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  1. Gorgeous Glenn,

    Thanks for sharing these. Great examples of how it's supposed to be done. Interesting that you chose to shoot the baby with a dark background. I wouldn't have thought of that.


    Which camera setup were you using for these?






    Hi Steve,


    All the pictures are taken with my old Canon 400D in a Sea & Sea housing. Wide Angle with the Tokina 10-17mm fisheye and macro with the Canon 60mm or the Sigma 105mm.





  2. Hello,


    This the first time that I'm posting some work of me on Wetpixel. I've updated my website with a few new gallery's and some published articles and covers. Below a few teasers. All the rest on: www.gdw-onderwaterfotografie.be

    Comments are always welcome!







    Baby shoot:






    Red Sea - Hurghada (diving with Blue Paradise):















  3. For sale:



    Canon 400D (incl. 3x battery/charger/belt/batterygrip/2x CF 2GB)



    Sea & Sea DX400D with built-in TTL converter



    Contact me on: glenn dot dewilde at telenet dot be

    More info on: www.gdw-onderwaterfotografie.be


    Now also seperately available (only the items below):


    - Sea & Sea housing for Canon 400D: 1200 euro

    - Camera Canon 400D: 400 euro


    Interested? glenn dot dewilde at telenet dot be

  4. For sale:



    Canon 400D (incl. 3x battery/charger/belt/batterygrip/2x CF 2GB)



    Canon 18-55mm / Canon 60mm macro / 10-17mm Tokina fisheye / Tamron 18-200mm / INON macrolens UCL-165



    Sea & Sea DX400D with built-in TTL converter




    Sea & Sea Compact Wide Port L (for 18-55mm)

    Sea & Sea Compact Macro Port S (for 60mm macro)

    Sea & Sea NX Fisheye Dome Port (for 10-17mm fisheye)

    NX Compact Macro Port Base (for Wide and Macro Port)

    Special port to mount the INON UCL-165 macrolens (http://www.athena-opt.com/s_snew_e.html)



    Sea & Sea YS-110

    Sea & Sea YS-90 Duo

    Incl. oplaadbare batterijen / batterijlader / Dual Sync. Cord



    2x 30cm Ultralight Buoyancy arms

    2x 20cm Ultralight Buoyancy arms

    6x Clamps



    Fantasea Nano Focus light incl. arm en hotshoe-mountbase.



    Price incl. case (http://hprc-usa.com/2600w.htm) and all serviceproducts: 4200 euro (excl. transportcosts)


    Contact me on: glenn dot dewilde at telenet dot be

    More info on: www.gdw-onderwaterfotografie.be

  5. Hi!


    I have an EX1 on the job and it would be great if I can have some more info about your custom made housing for the EX1.

    Only Gates and Sealux made a housing for the EX1 and they are expensive...

    Do you have photos of the housing? Maybe some drawings?

    You can send it to glenn dot dewilde at telenet dot be


    Thanks a lot!



  6. Hi Glenn,

    Marco Heesbeen from Onderwaterhuis.nl used to sell Athena equipment. Athena isn't mentioned on the website anymore, but probably it's worth giving it a try.


    cheers, Udo



    Hi Udo,


    That's a coincidence! I'm going to Marco this afternoon to get me some stuff with my 300€ gift voucher that I won with the Underwater Arts Contest. I will ask him for the Athena equipement. Thanks for the tip!





  7. That's correct, the 94mm version of the Athena 67mm adapter will fit the S&S Compact Macro ports.


    you can try the following shops as they carry Athena products and can order from you (actually cheaper than the price quoted to me by Athena directly). The adapter isn't shown on their sites, but just email them.


    These 2 Japanese and 1 Taiwanese shops can communicate in English and can handle overseas orders.




    UW Digital Camera (Mr. Yuzo Kanda)



    Taiwan - Fun-in (Joe)



    It's not cheap... approx US$140-150 + shipping...


    I can't find the adapter on the website of those shops.

    I've send an e-mail directly to Athena for information about price, dealer in Europe and/or delivery posibilities.

    Anyway, thanks for the information! I'm glad to find a nice sollution to use finally a diopterlens!





  8. Glenn, The Athena adapter is attached to a compact macro port in the picture I posted above (post #7). I also have the compact macro port S for my 60mm and the adapter fits that as well.


    Ben - 1 think you could do as a DIY. Take an existing port cover, cut a hole in it, and some how attach a step down filter ring with a 67mm thread from any camera shop.


    So, if I understand it right, you're also using the same ports as me and is the Athena adapter a separate part that fits on the original S&S macro ports? And on the adapter you put a normal 67mm threaded macrolens from INON?


    And how much did you pay for the adapter? Here in Belgium, there is no Athena dealer. So, I have to order it directly by Athena, I think.

  9. The adapter and UCL-165 arrived last week. Won't have a chance to try it out until maybe March.


    The Athena 67mm adapter uses small screws that tighten on the port. This ends up digging into the port finish. I might try using some duct tape so that I can switch it between ports for my 60mm and 100mm. Forgotten how strong of a diopter the 165 is... The 100mm + UCL-165 should make for an interesting combo...


    And Serge, thanks for the cosmetic bag suggestion. Just found a small neoprene camera bag with a clip that just fits the UCL-165.


    Hellow Pakman and other users,


    If I understand it right, Athena had a special adapter to fit on a Sea & Sea port?

    I've got a Sea & Sea Compact Macro Port S for the Canon EF-S 60mm Marco. Will fit the adapter on this port? And next month I will buy the Compact Macro Port 79 for the Sigma 105mm Macro. Will fit the adapter also on that port? I can't find that information on the Athena site.


    Can you send me a few pictures of the Athena 67mm adapter? And how you put it on your port(s)?


    Thank you for the information!





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