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  1. Hi Whacky, I use the D50 with a 60mm for macro pictures. Must say I am still glad I bought the 60mm. Use it with an Ikelite housing and port.
  2. Alastair, Tokina will bring athe new 11-16 mm in a couple of weeks In Europe it will be out end May, that's what Tokina Europe told me. Don't know if you are still at home but perhaps you could consider that one as well.
  3. Hi Damo, you also might consider the new Tokina 11 -16 mm. It will be out in Europe end of May/June I was told by Tokina Europe. It is a wide angel lens.
  4. Hi Sarah, I am a beginer as well and hope you will enjoy your new hobby., as I do. This board is a great place to learn and ask questions. Please remember ther are no stupid questions, only stupid answers. Have fun with your new toy.
  5. Wow, what a great pictures. I still have to go a loooooong way:)
  6. Hi Alex, please don't buy replacements. it is not worth losing your camera becuase you want to save a few dollars. I met a gy you bought O rings in the hardware stire, and yes after his first dive with the "new"O rings, had had water in his housing. So buy the original ones.
  7. Hi all, I received an email from Tokina Europe saying the lens will be availbale (in Holland) end of May beginning of June, so I guess it will be end of June:)
  8. Thank you all for the replies. Think will go for the 10 17 after reading your comments, as I will probably use it underwater more:) Thanks again
  9. Thank you Loftus for your fast reply. I will definately wait for the 11-16, but buying it depends on price as well. I read on the Tokina European site that it's scheduled for end of March.
  10. Good afternon, I am new to this forum but already very happy to have found it. The last weeks I have been studying and now I am even more confused. I hope you can explain/ help me out. I thought the Tokina 10 -17 mm was the right choice for me. But reading this forum I learned it is a fish eye. Now Tokina announced the new 11 -16 mm UWA. First of all can some one explain the difference. I want to use my lens underwater and above the surface. I use a Nikon D50 with a iIelite housing. I have to buy a dome, for the Tokina, I kow.Most pictures will be taken in the Maldives, not always during the main season, so the visibility is not always perfect. But always better than in Holland. Secondly I would like an advice, should I but the Fish eye or wait for the new one UWA Thank you very much Bert
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