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  1. Many people seem to love the Tokina 10-17 (it is reasonably priced for the quality), but I would also recommend a Nikkor 12-24; there may be times when you simply don't want the fisheye effect. I carry the 12-24 and a 10.5 fisheye, so I have options on my trips (just remove the port spacer ring for the 12-24 setup). Cheers
  2. Hi Mike - please let me know more about this, sounds very interesting (and since it's one day, actually possible!...). thx, t terry@goss.net terrygoss.ifp3.com
  3. May not be a big issue, but it came to mind: Any thoughts on how repeated scratch-removal via abrasive polishing might possibly affect the depth integrity of the dome? It would seem that for every micrometer of plastic you remove, the dome would be weaker at depth - even if only by tiny fractions at a time....? I've been shooting through some real doozies of dings & scratches, due mainly to rough shore entries/exits, and I think it's about time I looked into the solutions noted here..... cheers
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