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  1. I've got a gently-used Nauticam NA-DP4 housing and SmallHD DP4 monitor up for sale. This is a perfect combo for enhancing your DSLR video, giving you the flexibility of positioning your monitor on top of your housing facing any direction, and a large monitor to help you get proper exposure and focus every time. Compatible with most Nauticam housings: http://www.nauticam.com/product.asp?id=151 A review of the monitor/housing combo can be found here: http://wetpixel.com/articles/review-smallhd-monitor-in-nauticam-na-dp4-housing My pair have seen around 25 dives, and have been babied throughout. There are a few extremely minor, cosmetic paint dings, mainly on the back of the housing, and some paint wear around the neck of the ball-head where it mounts to my triple-clamp. Happy to provide detail photos of the wear for a serious buyer. The monitor itself has never been used outside of the housing, so it's in pristine condition. Comes with the following: Nauticam NA-DP4 housing Nauticam HDMI Bulkhead Caps for bulkhead and housing HDMI cord (when not attached) Leak detector battery (unused) Spare O-ring 3 different lengths of mini-HDMI to HDMI cables for use inside housing SmallHD monitor (with Canon LP-E6 backplate) Dry HDMI cable for use with DSLR on land Hotshoe ballhead mount for use with DSLR on land Screen protector (unused) Component out cables (unopened/unused) Well-used Small-HD monitor hood (I used this more than I used the monitor itself, so it's the one piece of this kit that actually shows a fair bit of wear) Sorry, no original boxes. Asking $1450 for the pair, but I'm open to reasonable offers. You pay 3% PayPal fees, I pay shipping.
  2. Now includes box, blank warranty card, and all original packaging!
  3. Found a used Sig 85 at a good price, so at this point I'd be happy to sell the 17-40. Pics attached. Little bit of dust internally, but as you know, that's normal and doesn't affect image quality at all. A few small nicks in the rubber weather sealing on the body side, but otherwise it's cosmetically flawless. Comes with lens, front/rear caps, hood, and leather soft case. UV filter pictured is not included. I haven't got the box with me here, but if you absolutely must have it I can get it—it'll take a week or so. Asking $650 net to me (either Paypal gift or you pay the extra 3%), free standard USPS priority shipping! Will consider offers. Canon 17-40mm f/4 L cosmetically flawless, no bumps or scratches small amount of internal dust, no scratches a few small nicks in the rubber seal flawless rear element UU07 code: manufactured in July, 2007 comes with leather soft case, hood and front/rear caps. If you need the box I can have it sent to me, but it'll take a little while.
  4. Would also consider trading for Sigma 35 1.4, Sigma 50 1.4, or Canon 100 2.8L macro (+/- cash, depending). Might sell outright if I get a reasonable offer.
  5. Not strictly underwater gear, but I'm interested in trading my Canon 17-40L (great for split levels and general underwater use) for a Sigma 85 1.4 (Canon mount). Would be willing to throw in a bit of cash if the 85 is in good shape. The 17-40 is in perfect working condition. A bit of dust has collected internally, but it's not on any of the elements and does not affect image quality in any way shape or form. The lens has always had a filter on it, and there are no scratches to the front/rear elements or the lens body. I can provide photos upon request. I recently upgraded to a 16-35L, and have little use for my 17-40 other than as a standard zoom on a backup APS-C camera, but I'd rather trade it than sell it outright.
  6. Hi Folks, The Manta Trust is leading a research expedition to the southern Maldives in late January 2013. Highlights will include night-feeding whale sharks and oceanic manta rays, which scientists from the Trust will be tagging, biopsying and collecting photo ID's from. There will be regular evening talks throughout the trip on mantas, marine conservation, and the marine ecology of the Maldives. You'll visit stunning, pristine reefs that rarely see divers, and have the opportunity to dive with tons of large pelagics. Plus you'll be supporting important research that will further the conservation of manta rays, which are currently facing global population declines. Find out more at: http://www.mantatrust.org/maldives-manta-expedition/ or contact info@mantatrust.org
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