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  1. I'm interested. Are they both still available ? Could PayPal you.
  2. Hi Paul, yep thats the very place. Loads of little yellow and red feather duster worms all over the place. A great macro spot indeed.
  3. Scubaspud25 is spot on. The lake is really like a giant rock pool fed twice a day by the tide. Quite a current at the falls but as you move away from there its quite calm and still. I usually don't dive any deeper than 7 or 8 meters when I go there. Great spot to kill a few hours with a macro lens.
  4. First up I am an Aquatica user, no connection to the company other than I have had four of their housings over the years. Of the four housings I have had I'll say this, each housing has been better than the last in terms of function and usability and always the guys at Aquatica have been really excellent to deal with. They make a fantastic product at a great price and back up that with a really great aftersales service. My experience has not been without problems though. Two of my housings have had "issues". One, was cosmetic when I opted for a new coating they were developing and it started to come off the housing after the first few dives. It was replaced without any quibble at all. The other second is my current housing, a Nikon D7000 housing, like some other people who have posted here I have had problems with sticky buttons on this unit. Once below 15 meters the 4 buttons connecting to the selector panel on the back tend to stick in once depressed, which in turn tends to depress me! When I contacted Aquatica Jean knew about the issue and sent me a pack of parts to swop out and replace. Simple enough job which I did but it had no impact on the sticky buttons which weren't included the parts swap kit. I contacted Jean again and he was back within hours to say they'd really they need to see the housing to fix tolerances etc and could I ship it. I have absolutely no doubt that Aquatica will fix this, but equally I have no doubt that I have to play my part in that too. Why our friend here won't just ship back his housing and get this thing resolved is beyond me. To me this is an entirely reasonable request on behalf of Aquatica and to be honest, the expected approach. My only difficulty is that the diving season is getting underway here and to ship to Canada and back will leave me without the housing for a month or so and I don't want to do that right now. Better to struggle with what I have for a while and get some pictures than to have now camera to dive with, but that’s my choice. I know loads of folks have the D7000 housing and use it regularly with no issues at all. Remember what these guys are doing, this is complex engineering, operating in a harsh environment, with loads of differing users of varied experience messing with their kit and we demand all of this as soon as the next camera hits the market. This is a tough gig, to expect it to be flawless all of the time is to be naive. Sometimes it will go wrong and it will need to be fixed, the real measure of the company is how they respond in these cases. Im my experience Aquatica and in particular Jean, have excelled in this aspect of what they provide. So will I buy from Aquatica again, you betcha, great product, great price, great back up service and great guys to deal with. They get my vote. Well done Jean and many thanks for your assistance and help to me over the years, looking forward to many more. To off Axis productions,....just ship it!
  5. Very Nice Damo. Love seeing your pics. N.
  6. Here's a couple from a recent dip into a salt lake near Clifden in Connemara Co Galway. Its fed twice a day by the tide and is home to some really great macro life. At this time of year its full of nudibranchs.
  7. Hi Phil, great to hear from you, All well with me, hope you can say the same. Hows things under Blue Heron ? Hey Alex right back atcha. I saw the cover of this months Dive - beautiful work. Thanks for the kind words from all - happy Christmas and a safe and productive new year.
  8. Delighted to have made the cover of Scuba Magazine, the new monthly magazine for BSAC members, I have an article inside showing the dramatic North Wall dive off Rathlin Island in Northern Ireland. 200 meters straight down. Beautiful spot.
  9. Many thanks Jean, not shy though just 500 kms off shore and hard to suck up an internet connection out there ! This is my 4th Aquatica housing, you guys have really raised your game here, the quality and standard of what you have produced is league change from previous models. I like this housing and Aquatica should be congratulated for producing such a neat unit at such a great price point. Don't get me wrong, I know what we are dealing with here is early stage production niggles and I'm confident you will fix them. I did check the Aquatica website when I got back ashore in Costa Rica and there was a post there about an issue with Live view but it didn't seem to me to recognise the button or flash activation leaver problems which as a stills shoter were my first concern. I didn't have your e-mail contact on my laptop when I was still in Cost Rica so I thought I'd check in with the Wetpixelers to see if its not just me. The link that Alex highlights on the post below shows some other folks seem to be having the same or similar issues with the "on camera" Flash activation leaver and I think also on the buttons. I can see you are getting back to folks by PM but I can't see if you have a solution for the three issues mentioned. Live view, Flash Leaver and sticky buttons. If you do it might help if there was a post on the Aquatica website because as you can imagine, I'd have love to have known that before heading out to Cocos Island. These are expensive trips and the last thing you want to be told after the trip is over is that if you had asked, we'd have told you there was a known fix for that. I'll drop you a PM now, but thanks for coming back to me Jean. Regards N.
  10. Hi folks, I had problems with my new Aquatica D7000 housing (got it in June) and wondered if it was just me or are others having the same issues. I just returned from a trip out to Cocos, we had good shark action but I had real problems with my housing. I had done about 20 dives with it over the couple of months before the trip and had had a couple of issues with the Flash activation leaver when using the optical connector. If I depressed the onboard camera flash with the leaver on the housing when underwater then it sometimes wouldn't/couldn't be reactived while under water, it always worked when back on the boat though so I never really tracked down what the issue was as it didn't happen every time. At Cocos Is though I had real problems with the buttons on the back of the housing, especially the focus selection buttons. The "9 o'clock" button kept sticking in if depressed once below the 20-25meter depth, which is pretty much every dive in Cocos. It looks like the spring tension on the buttons isn't sufficient to push the button back out again when you remove your finger. Certainly this button feels stiffer to depress than some of the others. On occasion other buttons stuck too and depending on what button stuck and what mode the camera was in at the time the camera sometimes locked up and wouldn't fire until you could free the button back out again. It was often hard to figure out which button it was, so I ended up trying to pull them all back out manually. Not easy wearing gloves and very frustrating as you are missing photo ops. If I hit image preview, the camera would scroll endlessly through the images until you could free the button. Often I couldn't access preview at all and also was unable to engage live view on occasion. Sometimes Live view would come on but "record" wouldn't engage. When I could shoot video, because the buttons were stuck in, the video focus selection just kept shifting to the left of the frame resulting in any shark in the centre of the frame being out of focus. Something I often couldn't see till I was back on the surface. These are minor issues to resolve but really frustrating. I also had the problem with the flash not triggering, I'm really not sure why, perhaps the onboard flash had been depressed but it certainly wouldn't flip up again unless I came up to shallow water or opened the housing. In the end I scrapped the optical connections and reverted to hard wired connections and this solved the flash issue. The button problems persisted all week though. I know these housings have had issues with Live View selection, there is a post on the Aquatica website about that but I had not heard there was a problem with the buttons sticking - has anybody else had these issues or is it just my housing ? Perhaps I just got a friday afternoon housing, the Aquatica name tag fell off it this morning as I unpacked it ! Serial No of mine is 20068HYB - 108. I'd imagine its a simple fix, perhaps a stronger spring, or a new button shaft but it really buggered up several dives during a great trip for me. Its a shame these are good housings, really well designed and when working well they are a joy to use. Aquatica are usually great on service too so I know they will sort out the issue but has anybody else had these problems ?
  11. I have an Aquatica A300 housing for sale for a Nikon D300. Interestingly I also have an additional housing back for a Nikon D200 that Aquatica made up for me so I could use my D200 as a back up body if I got stuck in the field. Its never been wet as I never needed it but its a great option that goes with the D300 housing too. I also have a 60 Macro port that honestly has been used only once. (I have many bespoke macro ports that I use instead). I have a zoom gear for the Tok 10-17 that I'll let go too. All the gear is very clean and well maintained. PM me and I'll send on images. The D300 housing & D200 back is USD 1100.00 and the Port is USD 300.00 plus shipping. Thanks Folks, N.
  12. Hi folks, A few weeks back I posted looking for help in finding out what batteries I neeeded for an old slave sensor I had back in the 90"s, Thanks to Jean in Aquatica for coming through for me on that one. http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=39726 Well I tried it out in the Bahamas a couple of weeks ago and it worked a treat. I need to develop it a bit but I'm looking forward to trying it out a bit more in home waters. Here are a couple of images from that first attempt. Nigel.
  13. You were spot on Jean, many thanks, it works a treat. Nigel.
  14. Folks, I have an old orange Ikelite Slave TTL Sensor. Its the one with the vairable sensitivity switch on the back and the Battery compartment plug. I'd say I bought it in the mid 90's. I found it at the back of my old camera equipment shelf but I think it will be perfect for off camera slave triggering. My problem is I stored it without the batteries in it and now I can't remember what type it takes. I know it takes about six of the small silver button batteries but I'm just not sure which type ? Any folks out there know the answer ? Many thanks. Nigel.
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