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  1. Hi Terry, Karen from Dive Aventuras here. We are just 5 mins from your hotel and offer complimentary transfer service to the dive shop. My staff is used to high end photographers and their equipment. We've got secure gear storage on site as well. Lot's of flexiblity for diving. Vist the website www.diveaventuras.com or drop me an email. We'd love to have ya. And thanks for the kind words Tom! Karen
  2. I always feel like an intruder when I venture down the forum column to the videography I don't shoot video much and my VERY basic system (Sony HC3 in a Ocean Images housing) does what I need...or at least it did. The past couple of times I've been in the water with it, it seems that the brights are totally burned out. I have manually white balanced (early and often), I have checked my settings...all good. Same setting I have used since I have had the camera with previous good results. I even reset everything on the camera back to factory settings and started over. When I tried to fix it in post (FC Xpress) I still can't seem to get that brightness to improve...I think there is just no detail in those areas to pull back. Is it possible the sensor is wacked? THEN, last night while I was feverously trying to solve the brightness problem, the LCD went red. It looks like a red filter is over the images. When I output the footage to the computer, it's actually fine...no red cast (but still the bright problem). Is my LCD about to kick the bucket? Should I be on ebay looking for a replacement? Thanks for you help! Karen
  3. Hey guys, these images are fantastic and Eric, that video is smokin'! Love the editing! I'm heading up with a small group tomorrow...hope these conditions hold out!
  4. What a treat it was to dive with Eric and the gang today! We had a great plan to penetrate into Dos Ojos cenote and then when our air got a little low, we'd hang out near one of the entrances shooting in the ambient light. But once we took a look back over our shoulders at the glorious light at the entrance, all the still photographs put on the breaks and worked that area for about 15 mins. The guys shooting video got as far away from our constant strobe action as fast as possible. Oh well, so much for plans! We didn't get much further before we stopped again to shoot some phenomenal formations just inside the entrance. Sometimes the cenotes are really visual overload. Alexis and Nathalie checking out some of the formations Wolcott got some great shots of the formations with natural light from the "second eye" of Dos Ojos in the background. Tomorrow we head to Taj Mahal for some impressive light shows. All my staff at the shop are fascinated with Erics 3D rig. They've finally found a s use for those 3D glasses they got out the cereal box!
  5. Taken off the coast of Isla Mujeres. There were over 60 right on the surface on Sunday. Frankly I lost some decent shots to just too many other partial whale sharks in the frame. It's been fairly rough the past few days and today, the seas were brutal (5ft) making it really hard to swim, shoot, and keep your lunch down...but there were lots of Whale Sharks!
  6. Finally, a Whale Shark image that I am fairly happy with. Still, I am open to suggestions, of course!!!
  7. I read that outloud to my husband yesterday because he sold our Apple stock at $132 last year because his "Macs aren't compatible" Broker told him it wouldn't go any higher. Last time I looked it was at $261.
  8. yeah, tried that first Drew....total non-starter. It's not HD, but someone told me it was because I processed and burned it using iDVD so that without the original files, I can't just copy the DVD because a PC can't read the iDVD file. He may be right but I get so sick of that "Macs aren't compatible" crap from PC users living in the stone age...basically I stopped listening. I have the original footage so I may just re-edit and think of it as an opportunity to "make it better".
  9. I lost the original file of a movie I made when my external hard drive failed. I do have a copy on a DVD which I managed to copy onto my new i7 MacBook Pro (I just like writing that part). I can burn a DVD which will play on my Mac or in a DVD player but will NOT play on any PC. I tried switching from DVD-R to DVD+R but the results were the same. What the heck am I doing wrong???? Do I need some kind of software for this?
  10. Eric, if Laz would like a nice autographed book by Wyland, I'll be willing to switch with him...you know, just to help you out ... Karen
  11. You should be VERY proud! Great shot and big congrats!!!
  12. Thanks Tim! I'll get right on that. If successful, I'll post the results. Otherwise I'll sit quietly and hope everyone forgets I said anything! Karen
  13. last year I swore I was going to put together a whale shark weekend and announce it here for photogs only. Maybe I can put something together for both this summer. Stay tuned! Karen
  14. Thanks for all your kind words Dave. It's so much fun to share our rather unique photo ops and your photos turned out spankin'! Karen
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